Hellooo lacquer geeks! Can ya’ll believe Blush Lacquers is turning two this month?? Crazy! Today I’ll be showing you the anniversary duo as well as the 1k Facebook group members custom! I’ll have swatch videos posted to the group over the weekend as well!

I’ll start with the anniversary duo first.

Captivate. Official description: an indigo base with a strong purple hue, pink shimmer that shifts to bronze (gold and green at extreme angles) and a touch of scattered holo and holo flakes.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula has a smooth consistency that applied very easily. There’s gorgeous shifty shimmer in there that is totally being shy in my photos. In person it’s mostly pink but on tilt you’ll see the gold and green come to play. This is a must for purple lovers! The holo flakes laid down nice and flat for me and my nails were smooth to the touch after topcoat. The scattered holo is just enough to give a sparkle all over.

blush lacquers captivate 3blush lacquers captivate 6blush lacquers captivate 5blush lacquers captivate 2

Illuminate. Official description: a turquoise base with a strong orange-gold-green shifting shimmer and a light touch of scattered holo flakes.

Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. Formula has a smooth, medium feel that I think depending on your application and nail shape you can achieve full opacity at 2-3 coats. My blue/green loving heart is singing with this one! The base is like a seafoam turqoise and the shimmer is deliciously strong. I’d recommend a glossy topcoat for this one to make all that shimmer pop!

blush lacquers illuminate 4blush lacquers illuminate 5blush lacquers illuminate

The rest of the photos are the 1k Facebook fan group custom!

Kitchen Sink. Official description: a charcoal base with a pink-bronze-gold-green shifting shimmer, a rainbow of microflakes, a rainbow of iridescent flakes, scattered holo pigment and holo flakes.

Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. I’d say you could achieve opacity depending on application and nail length at 2-3 coats on this one. Formula applied easily and spread over the nail easy peasy like the previously mentioned. This polish has so many things going on, it’s appropriately named! In person I’d describe the base as a softened black (definitely charcoal) and a dominant pink shimmer. On tilt the shimmer shifts to a gorgeous gold with green on extreme angles. There’s sparkles galore and the rainbow flakes make a dense scattered appearance that lay down flat and easily. Nails are smooth after top coat. This is for those vamp loving blingy peeps!

blush lacquers kitchen sink 4blush lacquers kitchen sink 5blush lacquers kitchen sink

The anniversary duo and group custom both release June 8th at 7pm EST on Blush Lacquers’ website. Kitchen Sink will have a secret link posted in the Facebook fan group since you must be a member to purchase.

  • Captivate: $12.75
  • Illuminate: $13.00
  • Duo set: $24.00 (special pricing only during June 8th-10th)
  • Kitchen Sink: $13.00 (available until June 30th 11:59 EST)

To celebrate turning 2, Blush will also be having a sale!! It will run from launch time until June 10th at 11:59 EST. There are several polishes being discontinued and clearanced out. Prototypes and one offs will also be available in limited quantities. The Summer Soiree collection and Scenic Route are both leaving permanently on the 30th. There’s one bottle of Scenic Route that’ll be put in the shop.

  • Prototypes $5 (limited one per person)
  • Discontinued polishes 50% off
  • Polish Pickup previous releases, these will be mysteries (limited one per person) $10
  • Over pour of discontinued group, box and exclusives all excluding previous polish pickup shades $5 (limited one per person)
  • Summer Soiree set 15% off
  • Blush Beauties Fall collaboration collection set 10% off
  • 1929 Collection set 10% off

All will be manually discounted so no codes needed. Talk about an epic sale!

Be ready to grab these up! Last year, things moved fast during the sale so grab some snacks, get in some comfy clothes and stretch those ninja fingers! Victoria’s prototypes are amazing too! Let me know what you’ll be grabbing!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤