This is another therapeutic post because I finally get to spill beans AGAIN! Demi sure has a lot of trust in me and my big mouth because when I get excited I want to scream it from the roof tops and I FINALLY am able to! This month, Baroness X is the maker for the OG UP Facebook group and she doesn’t have just one polish as a custom but FIVE. YES. Essentially a collection of pretties that are shifty, shimmery and magical. I’ll have video links posted to the group soon too.

First, I’d like to mention that unicorn pee, its siblings, and my photography are pretty much arch rivals. They’re so beautiful but I had to get lots of low light shots so you can see the shift. I apologize for the darkness, but it’s totally worth it!

Sassmograph. Official description: teal to indigo/violet pee with metallic gold pigment in a pink jelly base, a sister to Gilded Embers.

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. I’d describe the pink base leaning as a pinky nude on me. It’s gorgeous and neutral. The first thought that came to mind was someone needs to get married with this on their nails! At three coats, there’s still a touch of VNL but it’s perfect for the softness. In person you’ll see the metallic gold flecks all over and the sibling shimmer will appear green. On tilt, you’ll see the indigo and violet come out to play. I’m not usually big on neutrals, but this one is just amazing to me. Seriously delicate and perfect and I think it’ll flatter those with warm tones like yours truly.

baroness x sassmograph 5

baroness x sassmograph 4baroness x sassmograph 2

baroness x sassmographbaroness x sassmograph 3

Broken Wonka Candy Coater. Official description:  gunmetal topper full of flakies with blue pee, orange to green iridescent flakies, green to blue iridescent flakies and holo.

Swatches show one coat over black. This topper is sparkly and shifty! The final look is like an instant galaxy on your nails. The flakies shift from orange and green while the blue pee creates a dense look over your nails. The holo takes a backseat to the shimmer and sparkles like crazy in the light. Formula has a medium feel and applies evenly on the nail. My nails are smooth to the touch after topcoat.

baroness x broken wonka candy coater 3baroness x broken wonka candy coater 4baroness x broken wonka candy coaterbaroness x broken wonka candy coater 2

Deminator. Official description: eggplant to mauve thermal with UP and pink to green flakies.

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. I’ve met my match you guys. Catching a pee shift with a thermal HA! The red shimmer really comes out to play in the cold state, while the greens and golds pop on the warm state. Formula has a medium/thin consistency that builds easily and has a lovely squishy feel. The pink and green flakes shift easily and lay down flat on the nails. This is where I really had to turn the lights down so you can see that UP gorgeousness.

baroness x deminator 9baroness x deminator 10baroness x deminator 7baroness x deminator 5baroness x deminator 3baroness x deminator 6

Prismatic Spring. Official description:  an aqua jelly with double UP and 3 colors of sister pee flakies in: green to blue, teal to indigo and blue to purple.

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. It’ll start off sheer but build up nice and squishy at three. This is the bright teal UP we’ve been asking for folks. It’s seriously magical. Formula has a medium/light feels but dries down glossy. The flakes picked up easily for me and laid down flat on the nail. Using a glossy topcoat will amplify that squishy look.

baroness x prismatic spring 4baroness x prismatic spring 5baroness x prismatic springbaroness x prismatic spring 3

Voodoo. Official description: a berry/grape jelly with gold to green to blue pee with matching flakies and some holo.

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. This beauty has a slightly more opaque formula than Sassmograph and Prismatic Spring. The shimmer has a glorious gold flame dominantly with the green and blue shifts on tilted angles. The base is GORGEOUS. It’s a rich grape-ey berry that is LUSH. This dries down glossy so your topcoat will add to the squishy look as well.  If you have longer nails you will see a touch of VNL, but you want all that shimmer to pop and not be drowned out, so it’s totally worth it.

baroness x voodoo 6baroness x voodoo 5baroness x voodoo 7baroness x voodoo 8baroness x voodoo 4baroness x voodoo 2

I may have gone a little crazy on the shots, but the pee shimmers just love hiding from a camera! These are all SO SO gorgeous. I think they also pack a lot of versatility too, if you wanted to conserve on your pee they’d all be fantastic for layering. All five of these polishes are exclusive to the OG UP group, so you must be a member to purchase any of them. Click the link below if you’re not already in there.

OG UP Facebook Group

This release is limited to one bottle per person. There will be a cap of 150 bottles each. They release on the Baroness X site on June 16th at noon PT. There will be hidden links posted to the OG UP group. Prices per bottle are as followed:

Sassmograph $14

Broken Wonka Candy Coater $14

Voodoo $14

Deminator $15

Prismatic Spring $21

If you’d like to check out my post on the Baroness X fangroup customs (that are also unicorn pee) click HERE. To access the shop and take a peak at all the other goodies Demi makes, the shop link is HERE.

Lastly, if you’d like to see these babies in action, I have a compilation video HERE.

Let me know what you’ll be grabbing! Thanks so much for reading! ❤