It’s summer time! I consider myself a bit of a neon connoisseur, as they always seem to be colors that I gravitate towards. First impression opening these babies up, I was floored by how bright they were in person.  Even more impressed with how they performed. I’ll be sharing half of the new Summer Neons from Moonflower Polish today, so let’s get to it!

I’d like to note that all of these seriously stamped/pickup up an image perfectly from the first go. I’ll admit its been awhile since I’ve done nail art as my swatching schedule has been all regular polishes over the last few months. I had absolutely no problems getting back into the groove of nail art with these. I used Bundle Monster and Moyou London plates for these swatches. The stamper I used comes from a three pack off of Amazon, the Ejiubas set (they have cute little gems in the cover) and the scraping card that came with them. If you’d like to check them out, you can find the exact one’s I’m using HERE. Can’t beat the price and quality of them! I’ll have quickie videos of their performance on my Instagram, if you’d like to check them out. (Youtube is sadly on hold right now until my microphone comes in!)

Summer Sunset.  On it’s own, I’m wearing two coats with topcoat. Nadia’s stamping polishes are really intended for stamping but I wanted to see what all they could do and the best way I figured on representing these was to show over light, dark and on their own. These do dry down quite matte, so use a glossy topcoat to show off the shimmer inside. For being a stamping polish, they all applied very nicely on their own. The formula is buttery and not gloopy. It was a pleasant surprise that for all four, I did not need any white undies. Summer Sunset showed up fantastic over black and white. This one is very bright. I’d say it is a true orange.

moonflower polish summer sunset 3moonflower polish summer sunset 4moonflower polish summer sunset 2moonflower polish summer sunset

Electric Slime. Swatches are similar here too. On it’s own, two coats shown with topcoat. These are all really close as a one coater, but I think two evens everything out. You’ll need to do very thin coats for opacity (which is awesome). I’m a neon green lover and this one shoots right up to top three for me on my personal list. Electric Slime is a perfect slimey green. Pops up like crazy over light and dark colors and looks great on its own too. No undies shown here either.

moonflower polish electric slime 3moonflower polish electric slime 4moonflower polish electric slimemoonflower polish electric slime 2

Pool Floaty. Swatches show two coats on it’s own with topcoat here. It pops up great over light and dark, and applied very buttery and easily on its own. This is one of my favorite shades of purple: bright and in your face. I went with strawberries for this one, I know it’s not red but I was thinking berries when I was applying it (probably more grapes lol).

moonflower polish pool floaty 3moonflower polish pool floaty 4moonflower polish pool floaty 2moonflower polish pool floaty

Sparkling Waters. Again, swatches show two coats on its own, and it looks great over light and dark. This is a true blue in my opinion. This shade will always tie for #1 preference with neon green for me, I love it to pieces and Sparkling Waters is so well done. Same matching formula as mentioned previously, stays where you put it and anything over two coats is overkill in my opinion. The shimmer is a little stronger in this one, probably because of the base color but you can really see it over dark colors.

moonflower polish sparkling waters 3moonflower polish sparkling waters 4moonflower polish sparkling waters 2moonflower polish sparkling waters

I highly recommend these to anyone that is new or experienced with stamping. I was able to quickly swatch these due to their ease of use and formula. I’m very impressed with how they applied on their own too. I think any level of nail artist will enjoy these as they have so much versatility. The full collection releases June 15th on the Moonflower site. Prices are:

  • $9 for full size bottles (15ml)
  • $65 for full size (8 bottles) sets
  • $6 for mini bottles (7ml)
  • $45 for mini sized  sets

You can check out other shades here before launch. They’ll be available all summer so grab them to get those nails bright and loud!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤