If you’ve been hearing the rumors in the nail community, you know the big buzz right now is the returning colors for Polish Pickup in July. The amazing ladies at headquarters are taking a well deserved break for the month, so makers are able to bring back one polish to offer us as a one time deal. Those of us that have had severe regrets on passing up certain colors are rejoicing! Today I’ll be sharing nine beauties that are confirmed for return.

Alter Ego- Golden Gate. Official description: gold/pink/red/orange shift.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. The formula is stellar; it has a medium consistency and applies very opaque. It does dry down a touch satin so a good glossy topcoat will make the shimmers pop nicely. I’d describe the base as an almost burnt orange with lots of pink shimmers dominantly appearing, with gold and orange popping on tilt.

alter ego golden gate 2alter ego golden gate 3alter ego golden gate

Baroness X- Menage a Troi. Official description: a berry jelly with violet shimmer, blue to red shifting microflakies and metallic gold flakies.

Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. I swatched this one a while back, but figured some fresh swatches were in order as it’s such a lush shade. My photos do no justice to the intense shimmer and red glow that appears in person. Formula has a medium feel and applies easily. The flakes lay down nicely and the polish itself dries semi glossy.

*this will have a cap of 100 bottles.

*I’d also like to note that if you loved any of the acetone antidote scents previously released (cookies and orange creamsicle, anyone?) then head on over to Baroness X’s site to grab those too as they will be offered on 6/30 in various bath and body products.

menage a troi 2menage a troi 3menage a troi

Blush Lacquers- Not Your Average Seahorse. Official description: a navy based polish with a shifting orange-gold-green micro flake shimmer, shifting green-blue-purple-pink flakies and a light touch of scattered holo.

Another that I swatched before, (I just love my new camera so much) so again, fresh swatches are in order. Swatches show three thin coats with topcoat. This beauty is loaded with shifty shimmers and flakes. You’ll mostly see the shimmer as an inner glowing orange with easy shifts of gold and green on tilt. Formula feels light but builds opaque for me at three coats. Nails are smooth to the touch after topcoat.

not your average seahorse 7not your average seahorse 9not your average seahorse 5

Crystal Knockout- So Fresh and So Spring. Official description: a silver holo jelly base with a green flash, iridescent green shimmer, and green holo glitter in multiple sizes.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. I adore glitter bombs, and this one was awesome in that there was no need for careful placement or sponging. Two coats was all I needed to get my obnoxious nails evenly coated with no VNL. The larger glitters laid down flat for me and oh my the sparkles! The base is a super linear silver holo and there is some gorgeous shimmer that makes it appear to almost lean a pale green. No issues with texture here either, one good coat of Seche and all is smooth.

crystal knockout so fresh and so spring 2crystal knockout so fresh and so springcrystal knockout so fresh and so spring 3

Ever After- Playing with Fire. Official description: a black jelly base packed with orange, red and green flakes and blue holo with green glitters.

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. This started off a little sheer, the base has a heavy feel during application but I got it completely opaque at the third coat. This is gorgeous, I think in the future to conserve my bottle I’ll use a black undie. It’s so very sparkly in person and the blue glitters contrast those amazing orange shifting flakes so well. I’ve always loved how Ever After uses large flakes to make a really bold polish and this is no exception. After topping it off with Seche, my nails were smooth to the touch.

ever after playing with fire 3ever after playing with fireever after playing with fire 2

Lemming Lacquer- Ghosts of the Vault. Official description: an indigo jelly with red/bronze/copper shifting shimmer and purple/blue/green iridescent flakes.

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Lemming Lacquer’s always have a rich jelly feel during application and this is no exception. The flakes are very large so be careful with placement during application so you don’t get any dragging. This dries down nice and glossy but I recommend a thick topcoat to smooth out any texture you get from the flakes. It’s not unicorn pee but damn if that’s your thing this is right up your alley. The shimmers appear red against the indigo base but shift from bronze and copper on tilt. *I’d also like to point out that if this polish has been your lemming for quit some time, you need to check out her Ruth’s Alternative collection (they’re in her shop) they’re shifty shimmery jellies with contrasting flakes just like this one. I did swatch them all so head on over to my post here if you’d like to check it out. Pardon my old camera and styled photos.*

lemming lacquer ghosts of the vault 5lemming lacquer ghosts of the vault 4lemming lacquer ghosts of the vault 3

ghosts of the vault 2ghosts of the vault

Moonflower Polish- I Just Can’t Wait. Official description: a pastel neon coral stamping polish with purple-blue-green shimmer, purple/cyan/green/gold aurora pigments, and blue-green-gold microflakes.

Swatches show stamped over black using a clear jelly stamper from amazon (Ejuibas to be exact). The shimmer is a bit subtle with stamping, but glossy topcoat brings it all out. This is a stamping polish so not really ideal to use on it’s own, however all of Nadia’s polishes are usually a one coater if you choose to do so. I had no issues picking up images with this one and it shows up great over black!

moonflower polish I just cant wait 2moonflower polish i just cant wait 3moonflower polish i just cant wait 4

Night Owl Lacquer- Dragon Blood. Official description: a yellowy neon green base with bright green sparks and ultra chrome chameleon flakes that shift red/copper/gold/green.

Swatches show three thin coats on its own with topcoat. Usually bright greens like this I find that I need a white undie, but this covered my VNL perfectly at three coats. I had no issues with flakies laying down flat, or being picked up with the brush. Nails were smooth to the touch after topcoat. I wore this as a normal mani for several days and I can safely report that during removal (I use pure acetone softened with Baroness X acetone antidote) I had no staining issues on my nails or cuticles! #winning


Supernatural Lacquer- Raccoon Incident. Official description: a bluish grey semi matte base with orange/red shimmer and orange/pink/red flakies.

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. The base is a really unique grey with navy undertones. The shimmer is stronger in person and the little multicolored flakes came up easily with the brush. This one does dry down matte, so I used a decent coat of seche and it made all that shimmer and flakes pop.

supernatural lacquer raccoon incident 3supernatural lacquer raccoon incident 2supernatural lacquer racoon incident

Each maker will have their listings on the PPU site for ease of shopping, however each listing will take you back to the makers website since PPU headquarters are not handling these. They’ll go live as usual (July 6th-9th) with some makers offering the polishes throughout the month of July. Which ones are you planning on getting? Don’t miss out as this is a one time thing!

Polish Pickup Site

Thanks so much for reading! ❤