Hey polish geeks! Today I’ve got the July group customs from Heather’s Hues to share! Each month, a set of photos gets voted on by members and the winning submissions get turned into gorgeous creations! This month, we have a solar polish, and a sparkley flakie beauty.

Secret Swimming Hole. Official description: an emerald jelly polish with a green to teal shimmer, sapphire and emerald holo microglitters, multichrome flakes in teal/navy/violet and lime/teal/blue, and iridescent flakes in lime/blue/teal.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Depending on your application style, I’d say 2-3 coats max for any length of nails. Formula has a squishy jelly feel and applies super easy and very opaque. I had no issues with the flakes laying down flat and my nails are crystal clear glossy and smooth after topcoat. Please note, my swatches are leaning a little dark in color (at least on my monitor). I’d describe it as a rich Ninja Turtle green. My swatch videos are color accurate so just enjoy the flakie goodness below.

heathers hues secret swimming hole 5heathers hues secret swimming hole 6heathers hues secret swimming hole 7

Hang Ten! Official description: a glitter crelly that’s solar reactive! Indoors it’s a buttery yellow and in the sun it’s a peachy pink with added red to orange to gold shimmer, gold holo dust, and microglitters in purple, turquoise, peach, pink, and yellow.

This is the first solar I’ve ever worked with and you guys, I was so amused with how quick the transition is outside! It was a cloudy day when I was swatching and the sun was peeking in and out of the clouds so quickly- my nails looked like they were transitioning like something straight out of a sci fi movie lol. My swatches show two very easy coats with glossy topcoat. I’m going to take a minute and really praise the formula on this one. Us indie lovers know how crellies loaded with all of these fun glitters can sometimes take a little love to get opacity and even coating but this one applied so easily. I legit had no balding issues, the polish just went right on and the glitters didn’t require any special consideration. I’m really glad that I am venturing into video swatches so ya’ll will see what I’m talking about in it. Easy peasy! The base is a gorgeous bright canary yellow (the kind that will super flatter medium and deep complexions too!) when outside in the sun, and in shade you’ll get this in between pink and orange color- almost a salmon pink. In bright sun the pink gets more intense.


heathers hues hang ten 3heathers hues hang ten 4heathers hues hang ten 2

Cloudy day:

heathers hues hang ten 7

Direct sun:

heathers hues hang ten 5

Comparison of transition:

hang ten transition

The duo will launch July 1st in the shop and be available all month. I recommend joining the Facebook fan group so you can submit your ideas and maybe even get to see it come to life in future months! I can’t rave about the formula enough on both of these, I highly recommend snagging them!

Heather’s Hues Shop Link

Heather’s Hues Facebook Fan Group

Youtube video swatches!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤