Today I have the honor of introducing everyone to Dany Vianna, a new brand that will be stocked through Psyche’s Beau. I’ll be sharing three polishes that are just a taste of the other collections coming to the US. Dany is based out of Brazil, and I have an awesome interview to share from her at the end!

I’d like to start with the packaging. Each bottle comes with these adorable baggies tied with a tag that has each polish’s name on it (don’t worry, underneath each bottle the names are printed there too). The bottles are cylindrical and have gold caps. I’m one of those that a well presented polish wins massive bonus points with me. Though not necessary, it makes it feel like a present to oneself.


Now let’s open them up and see the goods!

Ivory is from the Walquiria R.P. bloggers collab collection. Swatches show three coats with topcoat. I’d describe it as a pearly silver leaning white with a linear holo effect. There’s a gold shift to it that you’ll see in shaded lighting. Formula has a medium feel and covered my nails nicely.  It does feel a little subtle in indoor lighting, but in bright lights you’ll see the little rainbows. I’m almost tempted to name this a duochrome as it leans white gold or silver depending on your lighting situation.

dany vianna ivory 2dany vianna ivory 3dany vianna ivory

Arabian Nights is a part of the Aladdin collection. Swatches show two easy coats with topcoat. Formula was nice and opaque and built up easily. The base is a deep, rich purple and shifts to copper on tilt. There’s little blue sparkles throughout and a dense scattered holo. Arabian nights dries down glossy as well, after topcoat I had no texture. The multichrome effect is subtle, but on extreme angles you’ll see the shift. This applied like a thicker jelly- though easy to apply.

dany vianna arabian nights 3dany vianna arabian nights 4

This was shot at an angle so you can see the copper.

dany vianna arabian nights 2dany vianna arabian nights

Bizantine is a part of the Russia collection. This is so complex, I don’t even know where to begin in the best way possible. The base is a jelly-like black, and this beauty is loaded with copper, gold and turqoise flakies. There’s holo particles in there as well. I’m also seeing a shimmer that shifts gold, copper to an almost green. It applied thin on the first coat, but on the second coat it was practically yelling at me. It was easy to apply, not too thick and stayed where I placed the brush. I highly recommend you check out my swatch video to see what I mean. I went for three coats on this one, but I think those with shorter nails could get away with two. I’m very happy to report that I had no texture after topcoat either.

dany vianna bizantine 2dany vianna bizantine 3

Here you can see the little blue flakes saying hello!

Dany vianna bizantine

In my video you’ll see the brush, it’s one of those medium width brushes (which I will always be a fan of flat brushes). These will all be $11 and launch Saturday July 14th, at noon pst at Psyche’s Beau shop. Be sure to sign up for email updates so you can get a coupon to use in the shop!

Psyche’s Beau shop link

Video Swatches

And now, to get to know our maker, Dany! Just getting to play with these three, I’m so excited to see her other creations.

What is/was your work industry? 

I graduated law school and after passing the BAR, I started working with labor law here in Brazil. Then I fell in love with nail polish. Nowadays, I work both though.

Aside from polish, what are your hobbies?
I love to read anything and everything (I’m just careful with unhappy endings). Also, TV shows, movies, and desserts. I love to bake.

How did you discover indies?

I discovered indies early in my nail polish addiction thanks to Tumblr and its wonderful community. The first brand I had ever seen was Hare Polish, and then Lynderella. After that, we got a few Brazilian makers which made it easier to get some more. I started collecting polishes in 2010, soon after my graduation. Sometimes it seems like yesterday.
How and when did you get started with mixing?
I started making my own frankens around late 2011/early 2012. The mainstreams brands in Brazil weren’t big on 3-free and, being allergic to toluene, I didn’t have many options in colors and finishes. So I mixed a couple of colors, starting with cremes. I then got a couple grams of Spectraflair. Later on, a friend went to visit her dad in the US and brought back a shipment of base and glitters for me. It was the great beginning.
My idea initially was to make some gorgeous polishes but I had some glitters that I thought were either too big or I didn’t like the shape of. When I saw everything together, my first thought was to do a polish that would look just like autumn, my favorite season. It was my first color ever created: Tree Fall.
When did you launch your brand?
I launched By Dany Vianna Esmaltes Artesanais in January 2013.
What made you decide to finally pursue your passion?
Definitely the support of my friends who loved my creations and saw an ability greater than just making something for myself or thoughtful gifts to friends.
What inspires your creativity?
As can be seen through my released collections, everything inspires me: stories, family, friends, movies, books, and mostly music.
What should we look forward to in the future from you? 

A lot more gorgeous polishes, hopefully. Each creation has a little bit of me in it, so it’s so gratifying and special when I get a positive response over the theme and colors I’ve developed.
Planning on grabbing these? Let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for reading! ❤