Hello Hello! Today I’ll be sharing spoilers for the June 2018 MMM from Baroness X! This month we continue with 2018’s space theme and our inspiration is Jupiter! If you are new to the brand, each month there is a mystery box that contains various bath and body products and a full sized polish. They are available as both a subscription (one year or 6 months), or on its own each month.

Due to a little shipping mishap, June and May had their extra item mixed up so this month we get to experience the dry oil spray. The scent is in elder flower berry rose and it is SO wonderful! I get a light floral note, with this berry (almost strawberry sort of?) at the forefront. It has a fresh, light scent and doesn’t over power even after slathering it all over like I did. For my test run, I applied it all over after my shower and found that I didn’t have to worry about where I sat (think: suede couch) since it soaked in so nicely. I wasn’t leaving residue everywhere and my legs were SOFT. This of course prompted me to shove my leg in my husbands face and say FEEL IT. The best way I can describe how it feels is heavy moisturizing power, but light application.


Tempest is described as a storm of shimmers and flakies in blue, gold and bronze with a sprinkle of gold and caramel glitter in a light taupe holo base.

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. The holo is a linear type that displays a strong rainbow in direct lighting. The caramel glitters sparkle like crazy and give a dense appearance. Formula feels on the lighter side but I had full opacity at three coats. I’m also using the brand new quick dry topcoat in these photos. You can see how glossy they are- and the best part: no glooping due to the thinner consistency (YAAAAS)! In my swatch video I probably went a little thin on my topcoat because I’m telling you guys: game changer. Forget the days of having to float overly thick quick dry’s as it’ll take a minute to get used to the lighter feel. The gold flakies appear to be the largest and show up perfectly in the final look. In person, you can see the blue specks up close that give a nice depth. The base has an almost grey undertone so it leans almost neutral to me.

tempest 2tempest 4tempest 5tempest 3

July’s box is now up for grabs, as well as a 6 month subscription if you want to guarantee a box for the rest of the year (there’s also have a unicorn pee shade coming in one of the boxes- though I don’t have a clue which month). You can check out July’s box here:

I also have a swatch video and a quickie on how the dry oil spray applies if you’d like to check it out!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤