Hello nail geeks! Today I’ll be sharing swatches of two customs made for the Facebook group Rainbows and Unicorns! This group is a lover of all things unicorn pee and it’s sibling pigments. If you’re unfamiliar with those, unicorn pee is an ultra fine pigment that shifts from red to green, and the siblings are identical in particle size but have other shifts to them, ex: blue to green. You must be in the Facebook group to purchase, so as usual I’ll have links at the end to peruse.

Panty Dropper 2.0: Official description: unicorn pee with pink to green flakies- just like the first version but with added holo flakies and teal to blue to indigo/violet shifting UP sister pigment.

Swatches show one coat over black, with Liquid Crystal quick dry topcoat. This is a glorious topper, besides the beauty of the unicorn pee casting reds, greens, golds and copper across your nails; the flakies add light shades of the rainbow as well. There’s a sparkle effect from them and they are just the right size to take a back seat to the precious unicorn pee pigment.

baroness x panty dropper 5 baroness x panty dropper 6

baroness x panty dropper 4 baroness x panty dropper 3

baroness x panty dropper 2 baroness x panty dropper

Here, I swatched it over Sinful Shine (My Kryptonite, if you’re curious). I always do unicorn pee over black so you can see the concentration amount but I thought I’d switch it up from the traditional purple and dark blue and use one of my favorite main streams.

green 5 green 6

green green 4

green 2

Nessie: Official description: Green to blue to indigo shifting UP sister pigment swimming in a teal (yet bluish) deep jelly base, added to that, UP has been mixed in for a more interesting shift effect, with crystal rainbow flakies in all the colors. The shift of the far end is green and blue meant to mimic the waters. (This is a sister to Niseag which was a Baroness X Monthly Mythical Mystery polish in 2017.)

Swatches show three coats topped with Liquid Crystal. Niseag is one of my favorite BX’s to date, and this one might be shoving her off the pedestal for that spot. In person it’s a lush shimmering teal with an extreme blue on tilt. The formula is light feeling, but once again I had full coverage at three coats. It has a very buttery, squishy, jello feel and look to the final appearance and is absolutely beautiful. The base is tinted, but there is so much of the sister pigment is just steals the show all around. The flakes are just enough to be seen in person, but the show stopper here is all the glorious shimmer. The unicorn pee that is in here is showing up as the red specks all over in my photos. I mention in my swatch video that Liquid Crystal works really well with Demi’s polishes as it’s intended for jelly finishes. You’ll see in the video how it adds an even glossier look to the polish and I’m telling you- jellies that don’t shrink? Yes, please.

baroness x nessie 4

baroness x nessie baroness x nessie 2

baroness x nessie 9 barones x nessie 6

baroness x nessie 7

Both polishes will be available August 18th at noon PST to noon on August 23rd or until they sell out. You must be a member of the Facebook group Rainbows and Unicorn Pee to purchase and links will be posted in that group for launch time. Both will both be available with a cap of 300. 100 of each color will be ready to ship and the rest will be pre-order. Shipping will start right away for the ready to ship, and the pre-orders will go out starting on 8/27. Both polishes will be $15, each.  I’ll link you to the shop as well in case you wanted to check out the Liquid Crystal topcoat. For ninja finger restocks, I like to load my cart beforehand so that all I have to do is add the newly stocked stuff and be on my merry way.

If you’d like to check out my swatch video (I highly encourage you to, as I like actually showing you guys what I’m doing right before photos) you can find it below. I’ll warn you though, your girl has a nasty cold right now so I sound… uh, weirder than usual LOL.

Thank you so much for reading! ❤