Happy Friday nail geeks! Today I have the honor of being guest blogger for the Fandom Flakies box for September! This is a monthly box inspired by a fandom of some sort, collabing between Night Owl Lacquer and Bees Knees Lacquer, with a rotating guest maker. This month, the guest maker is Nvr Enuff polish and the theme is the show Supernatural! For this box, things are being done a little differently, and you can now choose to have some extras added to your box! The limited edition polishes are the ‘core’ of the box, and you can choose to add matching water slide decals from Ribbit Stickits and cuticle oil from Bees Knees!

Nvr Enuff-Where’s The Pie? 🥧 Official description: a raspberry base full of golden flakes, white flakes, iridescent chameleon glitter, a splash of galaxy glitters and linear holo!
Swatches show three coats with topcoat. The formula has a jelly feel to it, and built to full opacity for me at three coats. The base color is a gorgeous dark(er) raspberry shade and the glitters add a densely scattered shifty sparkle across your nails. The holo is very linear and I had no issues with picking up the glitters on the brush. After topcoat, nails had no texture either.

nvr enuff polish wheres the pie 6 nvr enuff polish wheres the pie 5

nvr enuff polish wheres the pie 4 nvr enuff polish wheres the pie 3

nvr enuff polish wheres the pie 2 nvr enuff polish wheres the pie

Night Owl Lacquer-Idjits! Official description: This was inspired by Bobby, it is an olive green base with red/gold Aurora shimmer, copper flecks and lots of UCC flakies in red/copper/gold & green/gold.
Swatches show two coats with topcoat. I’ll say that depending on your application style, 2-3 coats will be best on this one. I went for two (when I usually do three) because the formula felt jelly to me and given how packed full of shimmers this one is I thought it looked complete at two to give that full pond look. The base color is a perfect olive green, and the shimmers give an inner copper glow with different flecks of warm colors to compliment it. On tilt you’ll see a strong gold and warm orange shift. No texture after topcoat, and the flakes picked up effortlessly on the brush.

night owl lacquer idjits 7 night owl lacquer idjits 6

night owl lacquer idjits 5 night owl lacquer idjits 4

night owl lacquer idjits 3 night owl lacquer idjits 2

night owl lacquer idjits

Bee’s Knees Lacquer– Shotgun shuts his cake hole. Official description: inspired by the Impala, this is a black polish with gold to green Aurora shimmer, yellow to green to teal iridescent flakes and holo flakes.


Swatches show two coats with topcoat. The formula is what I would describe as a super smooth, dense jelly. It applies like a jelly, but has the opacity of a cream if that makes sense (you will see what I’m talking about if you watch the swatch video). The base is a rich black, and the flakes and aurora shimmers pop very loudly, even with the base being dark. The flakes laid down flat, everything picked up effortlessly on the brush and no texture after topcoat here either!

bees knees shotgun 5

bees knees shotgun 4 bees knees shotgun 3

bees knees shotgun 2 bees knees shotgun

bees knees shotgun shuts his cake hole

Ribbit Stickits water slide decals ($5)


There will also be an oil slick decal ($4) to add to your box as well! The images vary from the notorious tattoo symbol, to the guys and pie (haha Dean is SO my favorite!). My swatch video will have a quickie tutorial on applying these in case you’re new to water decals!

ribbits stickits

Bees Knees cuticle oil in the scent I Like Pie ($5)
This cuticle oil smells amazing! I mostly get an apply pie spice scent, with fresh apples in the middle and a light sweet scent as the final note. This is fall in a pen and I highly suggest you try out this oil. I’ve been using it the last few days and it is super moisturizing. (Your girl needs all the help she can get working in a microbiology lab, the soap is brutal on my hands).

bees knees cuticle oil

The box will go up for sale September 14th at noon EDT to September 21st at 11:59pm EDT. This box is perfect for those fall and Halloween manis and the polishes won’t make a return once the sale is over! You can purchase them at the link below. Be sure to check out my swatch video where I have a mini tutorial on the waterslide decals along with the application demonstration of the polishes.

Thanks so much for reading! ❤