Happy Sunday nail geeks! Today I have several unicorn pigment toppers to share with you guys! These are from Russian brand Dance Legend and will be stocking through Psyche’s Beau very soon! They are the last of the bottles produced so keep your eyes peeled if you want to grab them! Dance Legend tends to name their polishes via number in their collections so just letting you guys know up front!

First up is number seven. This is a unicorn pigment topper that is lightly tinted in the base but barely shows up against your base color on your nail. This is reminiscent of unicorn pee in the way that it shifts. You’ll see red mostly, with a golden orange and green on tilt. I put it over a cobalt blue, with two coats to be sure it pops up in my photos and you can see it just barely tints the blue to a lighter shade just a bit. Shown with one coat over black.

seven 6 seven 5

seven 4 seven 2


seven blue 3 seven blue 4

seven blue 2 seven blue

Number Eleven. This is a super shifty pigment, I easily saw a bright emerald green and teals and blues on tilt. This is very dense, shown as one thick coat over black and two thin coats over grey. I think this was my favorite in the set, it’s a perfect mermaid shimmer!

eleven 6

eleven 5 eleven 4

eleven 3 eleven 2


eleven grey eleven grey 4

eleven grey 2

Twelve is a golden shimmer. This gives a gilded jewel effect on your nails, and sparkles like metallic flakies. I did see a subtle shift from intense gold to a burnt orange. Shown one coat over black, and one coat over mauve.

twelve 6

twelve 5 twelve 4

twelve 2 twelve

twelve mauve 3 twelve mauve 4

twelve mauve 2 twelve mauve

Thirteen is a rich sapphire blue topper, that shimmers and sparkles. Swatches show one coat over black, and two coats over an orange. This is dense like the others, but I’d recommend to lightly float your brush over your nail to prevent any dragging. Using a light hand will give you the best coverage in my opinion and be mindful of your brush strokes.

thirteen 4 thirteen 5

thirteen 3 thirteen 2


thirteen orange thirteen orange 2

thirteen orange 5 thirteen orange 4

930 is a dense flakie topper. This applied super rich and I found that dabbing here and there with light brush strokes gave me excellent coverage. You can see how I applied in my swatch video. No texture after topcoating and depending on your base, I feel like you’ll see different shifts on your nails. This is intense in the shiftiness, and no need to fish for those flakes, they came right up.

flakie 3 flakie 2


937 is a flakie topper as well. The pink base is just a tint to the bottle I think. This will give you full blown confetti nails as the flakies are a rainbow of colors! I floated the brush over my nails and dabbed here and there to distribute and I had fantastic dense coverage. The base on all of these are like a rich jelly so once again, be light on your brush strokes and you’ll be just fine.

pink flakie 5 pink flakie 3

pink flakie 2 pink flakie

These will all release from Psyche’s Beau very soon, be sure to join the new Facebook fan group to get the release date when posted. As previously mentioned these bottles are limited and the last of production so grab them while you can!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤