Hello amazing nail geeks! I’m SO SO SO excited to be a guest blogger for this month’s fandom flakies box! This month the theme is Handmaids Tale, which I am A MASSIVE fan of. The featured maker this month is Fair Maiden, and I think all three brands did such a wonderful job of representing the colors of the wives, aunts, and handmaids.
If you haven’t binged the show… do it. 
Night Owl Lacquer: Praised Be – a dusty blue with blue crystal flakes, charcoal flakes and bright blue micro flakies.
Swatches show three coats with glossy topcoat. This has a lighter feel on the formula, but I still had full opacity on the second coat. I have a lot of damage to my nails this month (moving, ugh) so I went for the third to make sure I had full coverage. The base color is a rich, gorgeous cool toned blue. The flakes create a pond effect on the nail and adds a ton of depth to the finished look. No texture after topcoat.

praised be 4 praised be 5

praised be 3 praised be 2

praised be

Bees Knees Lacquer: Blessed Be The Fruit– an ash brown with a bright pink shimmer and iridescent flakes that shift from taupe to orange to pink.
Swatches show three coats with glossy topcoat. This also has a lighter feel during application, but I had almost full opacity on the second coat. It does dry down a touch satin like, so I recommend a glossy topcoat to bring the shimmers out. The shimmers are super shifty and in shaded lighting I could see an obvious shift between bright pink, purple and orange. The base leaned super neutral on me, and appeared like a shifty nude almost. No texture after topcoat.

blessed be the fruit 4

blessed be the fruit 5 blessed be the fruit 3

blesed be the fruit 2 blessed be the fruit

Fair Maiden: Nolite te bastardes carborundorum– a cool toned red jelly with a hint of blue chroma pigment, packed with yellow – orange shifting iridescent flakies.
Swatches show three coats with glossy topcoat. The formula has a light feel, but built fully opaque for me at three coats. The flakes picked up effortlessly on the brush and laid down flat during application. After topcoat, my nails were smooth to the touch. The flakes give an almost reflective appearance and shine like crazy like crushed metal.

nolite 4 nolite 5

nolite 3 nolite 2


Ribbit Stickits Water slide decal sheet. These images are awesome! I used the Night Owl and Bee’s knees with two images from the sheet.


ribbits 2 ribbits 3

You can add cuticle oil and the water slide decals as well to your box for $5, each! The scent in is Blessed be the Fruit and I’d describe it as a soft, somewhat florally, almost sweet scent that is light but noticeable. It smells fantastic! The box is available for pre-order now, until October 19 at 11:59pm EDT. Don’t miss out, once the pre-order is over, the polishes are gone for good!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤