Greetings Nail Geeks! I’m digging this season in polish land as the fall colors and Halloween themed pretties are really something this year! Today I’ll be sharing Alchemy Lacquer’s newest collection, as well as her 5th year anniversary LE! I remember when I was really starting to tread into indies and Alchemy was launching, I’m super geeked and honored to get to share swatches!

Ardeth– a taupe creme nail lacquer with a pink/green shifting shimmer, scattered holographic flakes with a linear holographic finish.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula has a medium feel that stays where you put it. The first coat started off a touch sheer, but on the second I had full opacity. The shimmer gives a warm pinky glow that shifts to gold on tilt.

ardeth 4 ardeth 5

ardeth 2 ardeth

Vlad– a black jelly nail lacquer that contains red/orange/green/gold chrome flakes with red shimmer and scattered silver holographic flakes. ($11.00)

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula has a medium feel that I think most will have full opacity at two coats. The first starts off sheer, but I had full coverage at the second. This one is so loaded with those warm toned flakes, and they popped perfectly against the dark base. Very sparkly, and I had no issues with the flakes picking up on the brush and laying down flat on my nails. No texture after topcoat.

vlad 4 vlad 5

vlad 3 vlad 2


Frank– a muddled green jelly nail lacquer that contains purple iridescent glitter, purple/magenta/pink/gold chrome flakes and purple/pink/red/green shifting flakes. ($11.00)

Swatches show three coats with glossy topcoat. This one has a lighter feel to the formula, I think most will achieve full opacity at 2-3 coats depending on nail length. The base is a gorgeous Frankenstein green and the flakes appear mostly purple to me with their respective shifts on tilt. No issue with picking them up and no texture after topcoat.

frank 4

frank 3 frank 2


Griffin– a translucent turquoise jelly special effects nail lacquer that contains copper/orange/gold/green shimmer with a touch of a scattered holographic effect. This will not build to any level of opacity and is meant to be layered. ($11.50)

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Now, this one is intended to be worn as a topper, but I wanted to see how it would look on its own. It is not created to have full coverage, so of course your’re seeing my smile line. I think it looked beautiful on its own and I think layered over darker colors would make for a strong glow to any base. Formula has a smooth feel and stays where you put it.

griffin 5

griffin 6 griffin 4

griffin 3 griffin 2


Lilith–  a midnight blue jelly with blue/purple/pink/gold shifting shifting flakes, multi-sized iridescent blue glitter and silver micro holographic glitter. ($11.00)

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula has a medium jelly feel that builds effortlessly. I probably could have stopped at two coats, so I’d say those with short nails most likely don’t need to go to three. This is probably my favorite in the set, it’s super complex and those flakies give so much multicolored dimension. No texture after topcoat and all those flakes lay down easily.

lilith 4

lilith 5 lilith 3

lilith 2 lilith

Gilded Creature Feature–  a purple flake nail lacquer that contains gold/silver shifting metallic flakes, green/purple/pink shifting flakes with multi-sized green and black holographic glitter.

Swatches show three coats with glossy topcoat. Formula has a dense, light feel and builds super easy. This one I fell super in love with too, it has an almost reflective appearance in the finished look and the flakes contrast perfectly against that lavender base. This one is really blingy and I encourage you guys to check out my swatch video to see it in action. No texture after topcoat.

gilded creature feature 4 gilded creature feature 5

gilded creature feature 3 gilded creature feature 2

gilded creature feature

5th Year Anniversary LE: Complex–  a blue-leaning dark purple jelly nail lacquer that contains red/orange/gold/green shimmer. This is a limited edition color and will only be available for a short period of time.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula has a super buttery feel during application. I think the full mani shots below are color accurate, in that this is a rich, dark, vampy base. The shimmer is insanely strong and comes off mostly copper with a strong orange/gold/red on tilt. Ya’ll need this. It’s only around for a short time so snag it up asap if you want it!

complex 5

complex 6 complex 3

complex 2

complex 4 complex

The Creature Feature collection and Anniversary LE are available now in her Etsy store linked below. Overall I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them, though Gilded Creature Feature, Lilith and Complex are my top picks.

Thank you so much for reading! ❤