Good morning Nail Geeks! It’s that time again, when the magical doors of Polish Pickup open up for the weekend and so many pretties become available! This month, the theme is Badass Women, and the makers really put their hearts into their inspirations. It was awesome seeing how each maker interpreted the theme. I have some absolute gems to share with you guys so let’s get started!

Blush Lacquers- The Moors of Haworth

  • Official description: An olive toned taupe base with a golden green shifting shimmer and a light touch of scattered holo and holo flakes.
  • Inspiration: The Bronte Sisters (Authors of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, among many others.) The name for this polish is inspired by the town in which the sister’s grew up (Haworth).
  • Cap: None
  • Price: $12.00

Swatches show three coats with glossy topcoat. Formula is on the medium/light side and built to full opacity for me at the third coat. This one dries down a touch satin like so use a glossy topcoat to get the shimmers to pop. The holo is densely scattered and the shimmers are very shifty, you’ll mostly see a warm gold and on tilt a bright lime green. No texture after topcoat.

blush 4 blush 5

blush 3 blush 2


Cameo Colours- So You Wanna Play?

  • Official description: Deep purple jelly, full of indigo/purple shifting shimmer, with genuine silver, neon purple, hot pink, gunmetal, and silver holo micro flakes.
  • Inspiration: Hit Girl
  • Cap: None
  • Price: $12.00

Swatches show three coats with glossy topcoat. Formula feels like a medium jelly. This is very intense in color, it’s almost an ultraviolet purple with a light indigo/blue shift on tilt. It built to opacity easily and there was no texture after topcoat. The flakes picked up easily and laid down flat during application.


Cameo5 Cameo2

Cameo3 Cameo


Crystal Knockout- Incredible Icon (A portion of sales will go to the National Fibromyalgia Association)

  • Official description: A dark blue-purple holographic base with a blue flash, indigo-purple aurora, violet shimmer, silver holo micro shreds, purple holo micro glitter, bright pink and purple flakies, and iridescent blue flakes.
  • Inspiration: Lady Gaga
  • Cap: None
  • Price: $12.50

Swatches show three coats with glossy topcoat. This one starts off a touch sheer, but built to full opacity for me at three coats. I can see those with no free edge needing just two coats. There is a strong blue glow to this one, with loads of depth. No texture after topcoat.

crystal 4

crystal 5 crystal 3
crystal 2 crystal

Delush Polish- The First Detective

  • Official description: an olive green multi chrome magnetic features a strong bronze overcast of aurora shimmer and fiery ultra chameleon flakies that remind you this bad ass woman won’t be forgotten!
  • Inspiration: Olivia Benson in Law & Order: SVU
  • Cap: 300
  • Price: $12.95 (including magnet)

Swatches show two coats with the magnet applied on the second coat, and a glossy topcoat. Formula has a medium/light jelly feel. The magnetic particles have lots of movement to them and easily shift in an array of warm tones. I think this one looks fantastic without the magnet applied as well. The flakes come off mostly red to me and add a nice contrast to the overall look. No texture after topcoat.

delush 5 delush 6

delush 4 delush 3

delush 2 delush

Emily de Molly- Project Alice

  • Official description: A blue/grey holo with orange iridescent flakes and silver holographic micro glitters.
  • Inspiration: Alice from the Resident Evil movies
  • Cap: 200 bottles
  • Price: $12.00

Swatches show two coats with glossy topcoat. Formula has a buttery feel during application and if you go a touch heavy handed you could probably get away with one coat. This one is very sparkly and blingy, the iridescent flakes give an orange glow to the overall look and everything laid down flat during application. No texture after topcoat.

emily de molly 4 emily de molly 5

emily de molly 3 emily de molly 2

emily de molly

Jior Coutore- the Tigress of Haiti (25% of sales will be donated to the Lambi fund of Haiti to help with the reforestation in Haiti)

  • Official description: a black to clear holo thermal with gold shimmer and holo flakes and red holo microglitter
  • Inspiration: Sanité Bélair (born Suzanne Bélair), was a Haitian freedom fighter and revolutionary, and one of the few female soldiers who fought during the Haitian Revolution. She was often described as a ‘Tigress’. She married General Charles Bélair, nephew of Toussaint Louverture. Together, she and her husband are responsible for the uprising of almost the entire enslaved population of L’Artibonite, Haiti, against their enslavers. Sanité Bélair and her husband were capture and sentenced to execution. She was made to watch her husband’s execution to entice fear in her and the slaves forced to watch. Sanité Bélair did not fear death. In fact,as Charles Belair was placed before the detachment which was to shoot him, he listened calmly to the voice of Sanité, exhorting him to die as a brave man. She walked to her death with bravery and defiance, refusing to wear a blindfold. She also refused to be beheaded and demanded to be shot like a soldier! As her last words, she shouted to the people “Viv Libète anba esklavaj!”(“Long live liberty, down with slavery!”) Sanité Bélair, The Tigress of Haiti is truly a Bad Ass Woman!
  • Cap: None
  • Price: $14

Swatches show three coats with glossy topcoat. I’ll say opaque in 2-3 coats as I always get a little thrown off on colorless to colored thermals thinking I need more coverage. There is a strong golden shimmer overall, and lots of glitters give a super sparkly effect. Black is the cold state and there was no texture after topcoat.

jior 4 jior 6

jior 3 jior 2


Lemming Lacquer- How a Woman Fights

  • Official description: a navy blue jelly with bright blue shimmer and a mix of iridescent flakes shifting purple/blue/pink/orange
  • Inspiration: Lorraine Broughton/Charlize Theron.  I am always impressed by any of Charlize Theron’s performances but I loved how she learned fighting techniques and trained hard with stuntmen and choreographers so she could be in as much of the fight sequences scenes in Atomic Blonde as possible. Lorraine is calculated, beautiful, thoroughly dangerous and extremely talented in her job. This is also a little love note to Charlize Theron because she has so many admirable qualities as a person.  She’s a smart, resilient, statuesque, yet very down to earth woman.  Despite an abusive home life she rose to such fame and notoriety to be a multiple award winning actress.  She doesn’t let her traumatic past define her.  “Scars can heal.”
  • Cap: 250 bottles
  • Price: $13.50


Swatches show two coats with glossy topcoat. This has a rich, medium jelly feel during application with a buttery feel to the brush strokes. It has a very opaque formula and the flakes pick up easily and lay down flat during application. The base color is definitely navy, but I feel like there’s almost an indigo undertone to it. No texture after topcoat.

lemming 4 lemming 5 lemming 3 lemming 2 lemming

Moonflower Polish- The General

  • Official description: Blueish gray creme base with red to gold color shifting aurora shimmers and scattered holo. Dual purpose, use for stamping or wear as regular polish in 1-2 coats.
  • Inspiration: Carrie Fischer as Leia Organa in Star War’s The Last Jedi.
  • Cap: 150 bottles
  • Price: $12.50


Swatches show stamped over black and white and one coat on its own. Formula is rich, opaque and buttery during application and dries down matte, so use a glossy topcoat to get those aurora shimmers to really pop. I had no issues picking up at image during stamping and no texture when wearing on its own. The shimmer is stronger in person than what I’m seeing in my swatches and the scattered holo gives a subtle twinkle in the overall appearance.

moonflower 5

moonflower 4 moonflower 3

moonflower 2 moonflower

Night Owl Lacquer- Holding on & Letting Go

  • Official description: a smoky plum base with a fuchsia/violet/red/copper/green multichrome shift and silver flakies.
  • Inspiration: All women who battle mental health issues, because constantly fighting against your own mind but still persevering is definitely bad ass in my opinion.
  • Cap: None
  • Price: $12.50

Swatches show two coats with glossy topcoat. Formula has a medium/light feel during application but I had full opacity at two coats. The shimmer is very shifty and pulls mostly fuschia against a dusky purple base and shifts easily to reds, coppers, purples, and green on extreme angles. The flakies give a reflective metallic sparkle and really give a nice change of pace to the usual holo flakes. No texture after topcoat.

night owl 4 night owl 5

night owl 3 night owl 2

night owl

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited- The Chosen One

  • Official description: a silver holographic base with purple to red to copper multichrome pigment, silver holographic micro flakies and glitters and 3 types of UCC flakies.
  • Inspiration: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • Cap: 250 bottles
  • Price: $12.00

Swatches show three coats with glossy topcoat. Formula has a medium/light feel during application and is super sparkly. I had no issues with the flakes, and they all laid down flat during application. You will mostly see the purple base, and on tilt a red and copper shift will peek out. No texture after topcoat.





Supernatural Lacquer- In Search of Ourselves (10% of our proceeds for November will be going to a TBD domestic/sexual violence survivors fund to contribute to others who help survivors find their way to a place of healing)

  • Official description: a mauve/pinkish purple base with contrasting aurora shimmer and lots of flakey goodness.
  • Inspiration: Supernatural Lacquer chose to honor Karen Horney, the early 20th century psychiatrist credited with paving the way for much of feminist psychology. Karen came along at a time when the field of psychology was very male-dominated. She went to medical school despite the unpopular social opinion of educated women at the time and her family’s wishes to become a psychiatrist (while raising a family, mind you! 💪). She introduced a new feminist perspective to the field, directly challenging some of the extremely misogynistic psychology theories at the time. For this reason I feel that she is a badass that deserves her own polish!
  • Cap: None
  • Price: $12.50

Swatches show three coats with glossy topcoat. Formula has a light feel, and the flakes lay down flat during application. The shimmer is very strong and mostly appears as an aqua like green in bright lights with a purple and indigo shift on tilt. No texture after topcoat.

supernatural 5

supernatural 6 supernatural 4

supernatural 3 supernatural 2


Polish Pickup November will launch Nov 2 at 11 am EST and run through Nov 5 at midnight EST. Get those wish lists made! Be sure to check out my swatch video to see this pretties in action too.

Thanks so much for reading! ❤