Hello nail geeks! I have a spoiler post today for the August and September Monthly Mythical mysteries boxes as well as release info at the end for overpours! If you missed out there are very small amount that you’ll be able to grab today.

Venus– a UP topper with gold metallic flakies (like the golden carriage in the story) and piercing blue glass/iridescent flakies with matching blue sister UP pigment (blue because of Vulcan)

Swatches show one coat over Zoya Leighton (a very, very dark purple), topped with BX liquid crystal topcoat. Formula has a super squishy jelly feel and applies densely over the nail. Overall you’ll see a warm, strong red with green and gold on tilt. The flakies give a lovely contrast of gold and blue. This is such a gorgeous topper. I love it over a super vampy purple and think it’ll look fantastic on any darker color. No texture after topcoat.

Also included in this box is the spray lotion in the scent Moringa and Melons. This is such a lovely fresh scent that has a prominent melon tone with a light floral undertone. The spray aspect is really neat and the lotion is super absorbent!

venus 7

venus 5 venus 6

venus 4 venus 2


Seven Sisters– a deep cadet/navy blue jelly with metallic gold pigment, gold metallic microflakies, and gold holo glitter.

Swatches show two coats with liquid crystal topcoat. Formula has a medium, buttery feel and builds easily. In the bright lights of my light box, you can see a touch of my smile line, but just know in person it’s barely noticeable. The gold glitters and flakes appear super strong against that navy like blue base. No texture after topcoat.

This box included a matte cuticle balm and hydrating lotion both in the green tea and lemongrass scent. I use the matte cuticle balm (aka swatchers balm) for all of my photos. It’s non greasy but super conditions your cuticles. I apply with a nail brush and rub in and after a minute or so I’m good to go on swatching. Highly recommend if you’re a swatcher or not! It’s wonderful for chilly weather too to protect against chapping. The lotion is super absorbent and they both have a wonderfully fresh, clean scent of lemon and earth that balance each other perfectly.

seven sisters 7

seven sisters 4

seven sisters 5 seven sisters 3

seven sisters 2 seven sisters

If you missed out on these beauties, there will be an overpour sale today for several MMM’s that have released this year. There’s very limited quantities, I’ll warn you though. Also, there will be a very limited amount of Unicorn Pee pigment prototypes. These all contain OG UP, and are unreleased. Those will be $12 each with a limit of two per person. Finally, November’s MMM will be up for sale too! All of this will be releasing at Noon PST TODAY! 

Thanks so much for reading! ❤