Hello nail geeks! I bring you some more Zoya goodness today, with a post positively LOADED with their signature finish, PixieDusts! These are super textured in varying particle size and are intended to be worn alone for that textured matte effect. I will say, you can add a layer or two of a thick topcoat to seal in all the glitters to get an ultra sparkly look as well. Since they are intended to wear for the texture, the majority of these swatches are shown alone in their glorified textured selves! I had a few messages asking for more info on the new Leopard Spots topcoat, so for the shades that were lighter where the camera will pick up most closely what I see in person, I added those too. Let’s get to it!

Alice- a captivating periwinkle with magenta and blue sparkles.

Swatches show two coats. This is a lovely periwinkle, the type of shade that I personally would call a true periwinkle. The glitter to this one is pretty fine. Dry time is very quick so applying your second coat after the first dries you’ll get full opacity.

alice 2

alice 3


Arabella- a rich fuchsia pink.

Swatches show two coats. The case color is so insanely flattering in my opinion. This is a lush deep fuchsia that has cool undertones so if you’ve got warm tones this will pop like crazy. The glitter to this one is also very fine.

arabella 2
arabella 3


Here is Arabella with the Leopard Spots topcoat. I LOVE how this came out. After playing with it some more, I found that applying with quick brush strokes and going in heavy gave me the large ‘spots’. If you go in thin, then it’ll give you those tiny leopard spots.
arabella spots

Arianna– a blue toned, red wine with mega hex particles.

Swatches show three coats. This one has a more jelly base to it, with a mixture of glitter sizes. The base is a lovely cool toned red, and the larger glitters give a scattered sparkle. This is more of a true matte with glitter, with not much of the sugary type sparkles seen in the other Pixies. When I’ve worn Arianna ‘in real life’ I use a thick glossy topcoat and she really comes to life.

arianna 2

arianna 3


Beatrix- a tangerine metal sparkle.

Swatches show three coats. This is slightly larger than the sugary type of Pixies, and has a lovely golden shimmer throughout. Some might be able to get away with two coats, but I could see my smile line on the sides of my nails with only two. Formula felt medium-light on this one so I’ll say full coverage depends on nail length between 2-3 coats.

beatrix 2

beatrix 3


Chyna- a red dazzle, with a sugared sparkle.

Swatches show two coats. This is legit one of my most worn Pixies. My personal bottle is a little lower than half. When glossed, this is ultra sparkly and when worn alone, there’s a sugared sparkle all over. Formula is very rich and opaque and I think this red is so insanely flattering.

chyna 2

chyna 3

Elphie-  a bewitching emerald green with a sugary green sparkle.

Swatches show two coats. Formula felt a little lighter than say, Alice but built easily and I had full coverage at two coats. This one was very forgiving in that I accidentally glopped on too much on my middle finger and when it dried you couldn’t tell. The base to me, is a true emerald green.

elphie 2

elphie 3


Godiva- a soft nude with a sugared sparkle.

Swatches show three coats. This one has the lightest in formula, here even at three coats you can see my smile line showing. The base is a neutral that is pulling yellow undertones on me. In person this one is super sparkly regardless of how you wear it, and the glitters almost give a densely scattered white appearance.

godiva 2

godiva 3

Godiva topped with leopard spots. I think it looked awesome with the topper!

godiva spots

Liberty- a blue sugary sparkle.

Swatches show two coats. Another popular color that I reach for a lot. This has the suagary type sparkle, and the cool toned medium blue is very vibrant against me. Like Godiva, it’s very sparkly no matter how you wear it. (Ultra glossed on your pedi is AWESOME).

liberty 2
liberty 3


Linds- a cherry red with with red and fuchsia glitter.

Swatches show two coats. This one has quick opacity like Chyna and builds fast. The base is a warmed red with a very subtle orange undertone. Like a chili pepper.  I fell in love with this one too from the first brush stroke. The glitter effect isn’t sugary, this is purely texture here and the formula is also forgiving as it dries down. For a warm toned red, I was very pleased with how it looked on me.

linds 2

linds 3


Stevie- a violet sparkle.

Swatches show three coats. Yet again, another one that I reach for a lot. Back to a sugary sparkle here, the texture is very fine feeling and the base is a light lavender in my opinion. It reminds me of fairies. When glossed this is ultra sparkly, and when worn alone there is also lots of twinkling.

stevie 2
stevie 3


Vespa- a mint kiss with a sugared sparkle.

Swatches show three coats. This one is almost as light feeling as Godiva, but just a touch more opaque. There is a jelly quality almost to the feel, and the base is a light sage, kind of minty shade. I feel like my swatches are color accurate compared to what I’m seeing in person.

vespa 2

vespa 3


Zooey- a classic pink laced with a fine thread of gold and medium sized holographic hexes for an added layer of dimension.

Swatches show two coats. ADORE this one. Formula builds very fast, and there’s a strong golden glow. The larger glitters here give a densely scattered sparkle along with a slightly sugared appearance. For being a warmed lighter salmon color, I felt like it flattered me very well.

zooey 2
zooey 3

Zooey topped with leopard spots.

zooey spots

Now I went a little extra and included Leopard spots topped on a cream in my video so you guys can see it in action. I’d say it definitely works with a cream, but keep in mind you’ll get more of a shredded effect. When you go to topcoat, use a light touch otherwise you’ll risk the topper running.

purity spots 2

purity spots

Lastly, a little nail art to show the Pixies glossified. Here I did a gradient with Godiva and Elphie and topped with an old bottle of quick dry so it’ll fill in the thirsty glitters. Check out my video for a quickie tutorial!

gradient 2

Lastly, now through December Zoya is having a buy 2 get 2 sale on their PixieDusts! Click the link below the check them out!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤