All polishes shown are mostly samples, however there are some of my personal destash polishes peppered in the mix as well. Polishes are sold as is. Shipping is $3.75 for 1-3 bottles and an additional $0.50 for every two bottles after. For 6+ bottles, I’ll use flat rate shipping. Please note, assume all polishes have been used for a four finger swatch. Please email me at or message through Facebook to let me know if you’d like to purchase. I’ll keep this updated with what is sold. If you need swatches, my blog and Instagram are great places to get a quick reference. Thank you for looking!

All polishes shown in this post are $7. If you purchase more than four, I’m happy to cut deals. Polish names are listed from left to right in photos.

  • Ethereal- Wassail
  • Nvr Enuff- prototype
  • Nvr Enuff- pryzmatic
  • Nvr Enuff- mystery unicorn #1
  • Nvr Enuff- prototype 
  • Nvr Enuff- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde



  • KBShimmer- Sandy
  • Shleee Polish- Angel Vibes
  • Pampered Polishes- Yes, I’ve Always Been Green
  • Heather’s Hues- Biorhythms, Yo
  • Heather’s Hues- Secret Swimming Hole



  • Pahlish- Test Batch: Tanzanite
  • Dany Vianna- Ivory
  • Dany Vianna- Bizantine
  • Dany Vianna- Arabian Nights
  • Bees Knees- House on Haunted Chill



  • Noodles Nail Polish- What a waste of a lovely night
  • Fanchromatic Nails- Let me be surprised
  • Supernatural Lacquer- Wonderflonium
  • Ever After- Spellbound
  • SHP- All I ask



  • Ms. Sparkle- The Muppet Show
  • Ethereal- Boxing Day
  • Pahlish- Mauna Loa II
  • Lemming Lacquer- Can-abis not Can’t-abis
  • Starlight- Once Upon a December



  • Polished for Days- prototype 2017
  • Night Owl Lacquer- Fizzing Whizbees
  • Lemming Lacquer- Enchanted Glen
  • Colores de Carol- The King Roars
  • Moonflower Polish- Succulent bloom



  • Lemming Lacquer- Jack I’m Mellow
  • Lemming Lacquer- They go low, we get high
  • Lemming Lacquer- how can I healp you?
  • Lemming Lacquer- Golden Age of people not being such dicks all the time



  • Poetry Cowgirl- 525600 minutes
  • Lucky 13- Secretly a Mermaid
  • Crystal Knockout- BSB Girl
  • Crystal Knockout- so Fresh and So spring
  • Polish M’- Red hot flash



  • Pahlish- My bespoke psychopath II
  • Lantern and Wren- Laughing clouds
  • Sassy Pants polish- Magic Carpet
  • Zombie Claw- Wildcats
  • Pahlish- ?



  • Nail Hoot- Gordon won’t you come out and play
  • Level Up- The barber and his wife
  • Chirality- Radioactive Mambo
  • Music City Beauty- Moonlight Dance
  • 77 Nail Lacquer- When Night is Blind

11 12

  • Northern Star- Come Hear the Music Play
  • Sayuri- Double Feature
  • Moonflower- Sweet Dreams
  • Crystal Knockout- Color Pulse
  • Alter Ego- Dance Like no one is watching

9 10

  • B Polished- Jellicle Queens
  • Scofflaw- Purple Rain
  • Alter Ego- Golden Gate
  • 6 Harts- Sunrise, Sunset
  • The Lady Varnishes- I’m So Ogre Green, NOT

7 8

  • Chaotic Glitz- Remember Me
  • Anchor and Heart- Isn’t It Ironic?
  • Kathleen and Co.- Colors of the Wind
  • Native War Paints- The gleam in your eye is so familiar a gleam
  • MCKFresh- You have no power over me

5 6

  • Nvr Enuff- The Pagemaster
  • Nvr Enuff- Gnome on the Range
  • Nvr Enuff- Wine’ OClock
  • Nvr Enuff- Aurora Boureapples
  • Nvr Enuff- Prototype
  • Nvr Enuff- Prototype

3 4

  • Nvr Enuff- Fragments of a Unicorn
  • Nvr Enuff- Prototype
  • Nvr Enuff- Centaurette
  • Nvr Enuff- Prototype
  • Nvr Enuff- Mary’s Twilight

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