Hello lovely nails geeks! Today I have the new base coat from Tonic Polish to show you guys! I was sent this and the quick dry topcoat, Tonic topper for review and after playing around I think this is a solid set for both a naked manicure look, and for polish application. Let’s get to swatches!

French Undies- a protective base coat that is a sheer peachy color.

Swatches show one coat on its own. The formula has a super smooth feel during application and is on the medium side. I have little verical lines all over my nails that aren’t the deepest ridges, but they’re there regardless and when I wear polish ‘in real life’ I tend to use base coats that will even out these very fine ridges. If your ridges are deeper, two coats will probably be best. I found that one normal coat of French Undies gave me a smoothened appearance and on it’s own dries down somewhat glossy. I’d say one coat on it’s own if preferred, is a lovely way to wear it if you were in  a pinch and didn’t have time to polish your nails. Your nails will be just slightly tinted with the one coat.

tonic polish french undies tonic polish french undies 2

I decided to take it to two coats and topcoat with Tonic Topper as a way to show how I end up normally wearing my nails most days. You’d think being a blogger my nails would always be polished but alas, that’s not the case with me. I usually prefer my nails ready for swatching but also protected and easy to remove so I usually wear my favorite cocktail of base coats and topcoats. I found that two coats of French Undies will give you a stronger peach tint, and very smooth surface to your nails, while Tonic Topper will seal it all in with an ultra glossy finish and fast drying time. The base coat itself dries quickly but the topcoat itself gives you that extra ‘oomph’ to the gloss.

tonic polish french undies two coats tonic polish french undies two coats 2

Overall I’m really digging the combo. I think this would also be great for those that have discolored nails and want to ‘correct’ the base color if wearing a sheer polish- or if you’re like me and like to go nude but prefer the protection. Overall I’m very pleased with both and would highly recommend!
French Undies (and many more beauties!) will be launching today at 2pm CST on the Tonic shop, I’ll link below. If you’d like to see me apply these bad boys in a super quickie tutorial, be sure to check out my swatch video!

Thank you so much for reading! ❤