Hello lovely nail geeks! I have the honor of being a guest blogger this month for the epic February Holo Hookup box! This month’s theme is Gothic Romance (yaasss) and the guest maker is Baroness X! This is such an epic box and holy hell does it channel all the February vibes! Let’s get to swatches!

Cupcake Polish

Lament- a cool toned purple linear holographic nail polish with a strong red to gold shifting aurora shimmer.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula has a super rich, buttery feel during application and flirts with being a one coater. I would describe the base as an intense purple with a slight blurple undertone. The shimmer is strong and gives a bright fuschia glow overall with a gold shift on tilt. No texture after topcoat.

cupcake polish lament 4cupcake polish lament 5cupcake polish lament 3cupcake polish lament 2cupcake polish lament

Different Dimension

Twisted Fantasy- a grey creme based linear holographic polish with added color
shifting flakies and aurora shimmers.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula feels like a creme on application and applies very creamy. I can’t really see many needing to go past two normal coats in my opinion. The base is what I would consider a cool toned grey and the shimmer gives a purple glow overall and the flakes display an array of pastel colors. They’re being shy in my swatches but in person they’re there and give a lovely densely scattered iridescent effect. No texture after topcoat.

different dimension twisted fantasy 4different dimension twisted fantasy 5different dimension twisted fantasy 3different dimension twisted fantasy 2different dimension twisted fantasy

Glisten & Glow 

Dark & Dangerous- a blackened purple linear holo with platinum flakes.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. This one has a lush, rich feel during application and also flirts with being a one coater. The flakes are way more apparent in person and give a reflective appearance against that eggplant base. Overall super pretty sparkly and no texture after topcoat.

glisten and glow dark and dangerous 4glisten and glow dark and dangerous 5glisten and glow dark and dangerous 3glisten and glow dark and dangerous 2glisten and glow dark and dangerous


Bloodletting- a deep berry jelly based linear holo is filled with red metallic
microflakies and is inspired by blood red velvet.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula feels like a super smooth, rich jelly that builds very easily. I’d say full opacity in 2-3 coats. I went for two normal coats and I got full coverage. The base is a lovely berry and the red microflakes are so packed in there while giving a warmed glow overall with their own separate sparkle. No texture after topcoat.

baroness x bloodletting 4baroness x bloodletting 5baroness x bloodletting 3baroness x bloodletting 2baroness x bloodletting

Some nail art with these beauties! Below, I used Bloodletting for the colored in roses over Twisted Fantasy. Plate used is Born Pretty Store ‘Celebration BPX-L014.

twisted fantasy stamped 2

twisted fantasy stamped

Here I used a pink stamping polish over Lament. Plate used is the aforementioned.

lament stamped 2

lament stamped

Here I used a white polish and an image from a Winstonia plate W 207.

bloodletting stamped 2bloodletting stamped

And finally some cute hearts from an Uber Chic plate ‘Love and Marriage-02’

dark and dangerous stamped 2

dark and dangerous stamped

Stunning right?? I’ll have my usual application video on YouTube, with quickie tutorials on the nail art looks as well! These beauties will launch and be on preorder only from Monday, January 21 at 9pm EST- Monday, January 28 at 9pm EST and will be $40 on Holo Hookup’s site! Be sure to check out the makers too!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤