Hello lovely readers! This week starts my Polish Con series! I have lots to share with you, so I’m starting with Aurora first! She will have a show exclusive and limited edition trio for purchase through the fairy service for those not attending, and her VIP polish will only be available if there are over pours at the show only. All of her polishes are themed for the Peacock, and they are quite the showy stunners! I’ve got lots of info so let’s get to it! Please note, if you do not want to have the VIP polish spoiled, skip the last polish in this post, and first polish in the swatch video. 

Show Exclusive ($12 each)

Name: No Cock, No Fowl- A color shifting glitter polish that moves from teal to blue to purple with extra purple and turquoise flakies that packs all the glory and mystery of the peacock feather!

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is easy to apply and all those little flakes build up to opacity very quickly. There is a gorgeous multichrome shift happening here: in bright light’s you’ll see the teal/blue shade, and on tilt it’ll shift to a lovely purple. I don’t think my swatches did this beauty justice at all. Overall there is almost a foil effect happening here with a metallic type sparkle all over. No texture after topcoat.

aurora no cock no fowl 4aurora no cock no fowl 5aurora no cock no fowl 3aurora no cock no fowl 2aurora no cock no fowl

Limited Edition Show Collection – The Ostentatious Collection ($12 each or $30 for the whole set)

From the maker: A group of peacock is called an ostentation; who knew! Reminiscent of the gorgeous colors found in the peacock feather, this jewel-toned trio is vibrantly beautiful and over-the-top majestic. The peacock feather is a staple of the masquerade ball and this limited edition collection should be too.

Name: The Nest Big Thing- A blue polish with blue metallic flakies.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula builds up very quickly. This is a lovely deep, though quite vibrant blue. Again, we are seeing almost a foiled type effect with a metallic flakie sparkle and no texture after topcoat.

aurora the nest big thing 4aurora the nest big thing 5aurora the nest big thing 3aurora the nest big thing 2aurora the nest big thing

Name: Without Feather Ado- A teal polish with turquoise metallic flakies.

Swatches show two coats, very similar to the others in opacity and finish. Very pretty, this is such a vibrant, bright teal. No texture after topcoat.

aurora without feather ado 4aurora without feather ado 5aurora without feather ado 3aurora without feather ado 2aurora without feather ado

Name: Fancy as Flock-A purple polish with blue sparkle and purple metallic flakies.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Again, similar finish to the others and an absolute lovely deep, but vibrant purple overall. Lot’s of metallic sparkle and easy formula. No texture after topcoat.

aurora fancy as flock 4aurora fancy as flock 5aurora fancy as flock 3aurora fancy as flock 2aurora fancy as flock

VIP (Any overpour will be available at PC for $12 each)

All Eyes on Me- A deep fuchsia polish with purple shimmer and turquoise/blue sparkle. As mesmerizing as the eyes on a peacock feather!

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula has a lovely feel that feels a little heavier on the base than the others. the base is a gorgeous darker fuchsia, and the sparkles give a lovely contrasting sparkle overall. No texture after topcoat.

aurora all eyes on me 4aurora all eyes on me 5aurora all eyes on me 3aurora all eyes on me 2aurora all eyes on me

The Polish Con Fairy Service will be open for wish listing March 23rd, and sales open up for these exclusives and LE’s starting April 6th and ending April 9th. Be sure to check out my swatch video to see these beauties in action, they’re so sparkly and peacock-y!

Thanks so much for watching! ❤