Hello lovelies! Today I have Bees Knees Polish Con exclusives to share with you all, these are inspired by Louisiana urban legends and are so very appropriate for their inspirations. Those of you who have been asking, I do have several more PC posts coming so bear with me, I’ve been a busy bee (pun intended) working on them for you all!

The Grunch-a sort of bayou chupacabra, this is a murky aqua polish with red to green shimmer and holographic flakes. Will be $10 at the event

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula has an ultra buttery feel on application that glides easily with the wide bristled brush. The flakes behaved wonderfully for me and added no texture whatsoever. The red to green shimmer is more apparent in person and easily shifts from a strong red, to a coppery red, to a vibrant green.

bees knees the grunch 4bees knees the grunch 5bees knees the grunch 3bees knees the grunch 2bees knees the grunch

The Loup Garou-inspired by the Cajun werewolf legends, this a a mushroomy taupe with red to green shimmer. Will be $10 at the event.

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. The formula here is also ultra smooth and buttery. The base is a neutral taupe that leans almost nude-ish on me. The shimmer pops very well and easily shifts from red to green.

bees knees loup garou 4bees knees loup garou 5bees knees loup garou 3bees knees loup garou 2bees knees loup garou

The Casket Girls-inspired by the legends of the nuns of Ursulines (it was thought they carried vampires in their casket shaped trunks), this is a white polish with larger particle OG UP and green to blue ghost flakes. Will be $15 at the event.

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula feels very crelly like and stayed where I put it. The base is what I would consider a true, stark white. You can easily see the OG unicorn pee (the original red to green shimmer) in person, however I do apologize it’s being shy in my swatches. In person it’s obvious and very shifty between red to green. This one is a touch sheer which is what you want, as it makes the UP appear stronger; I think if you’ve got strong appearing free edge like me you’ll see some of your smile line showing. It’s stunning and I think it actually looks delicate like this. No texture after topcoat.

bees knees casket girls 4bees knees casket girls 5bees knees casket girls 3bees knees casket girls 2bees knees casket girls

Bees Knees will also be launching her April collection (that is inspired by Avengers!) at Polish Con. This trio will also be available through the Fairy Service starting 4/6 through 4/9. Be sure to check out my swatch video to see these amazing formulas!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤