Hello lovely nail geeks! I told you guys I was going to be catching up like crazy on posts! Here I have Baroness X’s new monthly subscription box to show you guys! This year, we have a unicorn pee box that will feature one OG UP polish, a sibling UP polish, and 1-2 extras that launched every other month! This post has the first box for the year, and was released back in February. Don’t fret if you’ve missed out, as overpours will be coming soon! Let’s get to some swatches!

Estrellaria– a blue unicorn pee sibling topper with holo micro shreds, and iridescent flakies.

Swatches show two coats over a black cream. I went for two coats as my camera tends to take pictures on the darker side and I felt like the swatch video was not doing it justice. In person you can easily wear this with one coat over an undie. This gives a super luminescent appearance with a strong iridescent effect from the flakes. It dries down semi glossy so I’d say any topcoat will do.

baroness x estrellaria 3baroness x estrellaria 4baroness x estrellaria 2baroness x estrellaria

Chromaphilia– a multichrome magnetic with magnetic pigment that shifts from fuschia, copper, gold and green with original pigment unicorn pee, holo particles, gold micro shreds, and iridescent flakies. This can be worn as a topper or opaque in three thin coats.

Swatches show three thin coats magnetized. Formula has a glossy jelly feel during application and if worn as a topper would give the polish on bottom a smokey look with strong magnetic pigment. The magnetic pigment has lots of movement to it and easily shifts in warm tones of golds, coppers, pinks and oranges. The unicorn pee pigment is in the background where you’ll see the smokey black. Super pretty!

baroness x chromaphilia 4baroness x chromaphilia 5baroness x chromaphilia 3baroness x chromaphilia 2baroness x chromaphilia

I linked you guys below to the subscription for June’s box (which officially starts for sale next month), and you don’t want to miss out on these unicorn pee pretties! The boxes are $32 a la carte, though if you choose to purchase the subscription option it will be billed $16 each month. Each box contains an OG UP polish, sibling polish and 1-2 extras (not a bad deal at all!). Over pour polishes for February and April’s polishes will go up May 24th!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤