I told you guys, I’m on a roll today with catching up and getting these posts published like a mad woman! Here we have the May Fandom Flakies box, and this month the theme is The Umbrella Academy! I’m ashamed to say I have not seen it yet, but trust me this mage plans on binging it ASAP since I’m on summer break! This month’s box features guest maker Dollish Polish, let’s get to the pretties!

Night Owl Lacquer Ut Malum Pluvia – this was inspired by their uniforms and the crest.  Described as a black base with blue/navy/violet & red/copper/gold UCC flakes, gold crystal flakes and white shreds.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula feels like a rich, glossy jelly and applies very opaque on the nail. I was so mad that my swatches and video really don’t do this one justice as there’s loads of sparkle and flakes that contrast against that inky black base. No texture after topcoat.

night owl 3night owl 4night owl 2night owl

Bees Knees Lacquer Always the Lookout– inspired by Klaus. Described as a smoky eggplant purple filled with multichrome flakes that shift from army green/silver/pink and red/orange/green.
Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula feels buttery smooth on application and built up very quickly. The final look is very opalescent and the flakes give a strong shifty feel overall. Please note my swatches are leaning darker, and in person this is definitely a smoky eggplant. No texture after topcoat.
bkl 3bkl 4bkl 2bkl
Dollish Polish Run Boy RunInspired by Number 5 and named after the Woodkid song. Described as a midnight blue base with a strong purple flash, loaded with color shifting chrome and iridescent flakes in varying shades of emerald/lime ,turquoise/teal purple/violet, and salmon/magenta

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula feels like a true jelly and gives a lovely pond effect with the shimmers and flakes. I think depending on your preference 2-3 coats will work, though two coats gives a more delicate bluer appearance with three coats appearing more vampy.

dollish 3dollish 4dollish 2dollish

Ribbit Stickit’s waterslide decal sheet (can be added to the box for $5) Be sure to check out my swatch video to see a quickie tutorial on how I made this mani!

decal 2decaltrio

The box will be $30 plus shipping, and you can add in extras such as a themed wax (this month is No. 6- inspired by Ben, a ghostly blue wax melt that smells of clean rain with hints if tropical fruits and smoke) and water slide decal sheet for $4.50 and $5, respectively.

Thanks so much for reading!