Hello again lovely readers! I’m bringing you guys lots of posts this weekend! Here I have spoilers for the April OG UP monthly mystery box! These are currently available as overpour in the shop!

The Power of Myth– a violet (cool) to magenta (warm) thermal with OGUP in both sizes, matching shimmer, and blue/violet/copper iridescent flakies.

Swatches show three coats with BX’s Liquid Crystal topcoat. Formula feels like a glassy jelly and stays where you put it. The OG UP is being a little shy here, but in person it’s easily glowing red with a green shift at angles. The temperature change is very reactive and both states flatter the UP pigment.

bx the power of myth 5bx the power of myth 6bx the power of myth 4bx the power of myth 3bx the power of myth 2bx the power of myth

Follow Your Bliss– a deep ruby jelly base with blue sister UP, rose gold metallic flakies and magenta/copper/green/gold UCC flakies.

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is super smooth and glassy feeling. For opacity I’ll say between 2-3 coats depending on if you use normal or thicker coats. The blue pigment gives a lovely glow and theres tons of tiny sparkles everywhere. No texture after topcoat.

bx follow your bliss 2bx follow your bliss 3bx follow your bliss

Extras this month: sequin unicorn key chain and mini rainbow nail file


Today was restock day and includes over pour from this box, and February’s box as well as new scents of the month and bath and body restocks. There is also a sale: 40% off Tea Potion Face Moisturizer, Wunderbust and 25% off Spun Sugar Soap Scrub until they sell out!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤