Hello lovelies! I recently picked up Essie’s Universe in Reverse duo at my local Ulta and was so very pleased with them that I decided to do a post and video so that I could show them off so that no one misses out on these just in case! (Especially given that I picked up the last two at my store).

Get a Psy-kick out of It: vivid magenta with electric violet flash

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula feels jelly like and was completely opaque for me at three coats. The base color is a lovely cool toned magenta and the shimmer gives a shifty foil effect that easily shifts between violet and a bright fuschia glow at extreme angles. Trust me, my swatches don’t do this one justice.

essie get a psychic out of it 3essie get a psychic out of it 2essie get a psychic out of it

Happy Medium: hot pink with electric flash

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Again, formula feels similar to the above, though has just a slightly more jelly feel on application. I’d like to note my swatches are leaning more coral, and this is a very warm pink in person with a coral like undertone to it. The foil like shimmer gives a purple/blue shift overall.

essie happy medium 3essie happy medium 2essie happy medium

Now, as soon as I swatched these I thought they were similar to some Emily de Molly’s that I’ve swatched in the past. So here is a comparison shot of them. They are definitely NOT dupes, though they are in the same color family so if you like shifty/foily shimmers, then I’d recommend picking these up! Emily de Molly’s are opaque at two coats, while the Essie’s are opaque in three. In order of the pic, you’re seeing Essie Get a Psy-kick out of it, Emily de Molly Undertones, Emily de Molly Parallel Worlds, Essie Happy Medium, and Emily de Molly The Uttermost. (reverse order for the second picture)

essie compareessie compare 2

Don’t mind the spilled shimmer in that last shot, that’s for a post coming in the next day or two 😉

Overall I’m very please with both of these and no regrets here! I did grab the last two bottles at my local Ulta, but they are there in person if yours has any stock left! You can also order them on Ulta’s shop, linked below. I highly recommend checking out my swatch video too see a better representation of both and how they apply along with the comparison swatch wheel. Finally, I wanted to mention that both of these retail for $9.00 each, and I was able to use Ulta’s $3.50 off $15 coupon to this purchase. WIN!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤