Hello lovelies! I’m switching it up on you guys today and we’re going to take a peek at two shades from Madam Glam! I was a big time fan of the brand back in the day when they offered regular polishes (they had my holy grail lime green, in the shade minty cocktail and it was one coat ridiculously bright neon green goodness!). Since then the company has transitioned to gel polishes and other nail goodies so I was stoked to review some of their colors as I knew their normal polishes were awesome, so I figured the gels would be no different! I also have a code at the bottom if you’re curious to check them out at an additional discount!

Put a Ring On It. This is one of their chameleon gels, meaning thermal. Swatches show two coats with their gel topcoat. Formula feels like a standard gel- super buttery smooth on application and stays where you put it. On the very warm state you’ll see a very soft pink with a touch of VNL still showing and the very cold state as a strong magenta pink. Super pretty and plump on the nail.

madam glam put a ring on itmadam glam put a ring on it 2

Shown here is the chrome powder Ursa burnished over Put a Ring On It. After using the powder, you’ll want to add one more layer of topcoat to seal in the powder.

madam glam put a ring on it powder 2

That’s Romance. This is another chameleon and transitions between a bright grassy green to a lovely midnight/navy blue. This is also insanely reactive to temperature and easy peasy on application.

madam glam thats romance 2

Again, I used Ursa over That’s Romance, and it gave a lovely super strong reflective blue/pearly effect overall.

madam glam thats romance powder

You can access the shop as a VIP member for $29 a month and that includes three gels you can pick out every month, with other products at 50% off. If you are not a VIP member, you can still take advantage of their sales that happen very often. You can use my code thepolishedmage30 for 30% off your entire order. They’re also having a birthday sale for lots of other discounts as well, so if you’re a gel user I’d highly recommend checking them out.

Thanks so much for reading! ❤