Part two of my epic posts today features Cirque Colors and two new(ish) colors! Cirque has a stunning new thermal that is created for a wonderful cause and the return of a highly sought after polish. Let’s paint some nails!

La Vie En Rose– a bright magenta pink when cold, and a soft petal pink when warm featuring a delicate holo sparkle. 100% of proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood NYC. There will also be a QR code on the packaging linking to direct donations. YAAASS.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is ultra smooth and buttery on application and builds up beautifully. If you have slightly longer nails, you might want to go to three coats. This does dry down matte, so I’d recommend a glossy topcoat to really make it pop. The holo particles are of the finer variety and give a lovely soft twinkle overall. This one is crazy reactive to temperature, so even this Texan gal was getting lots of transition even from just painting it on. No texture after topcoat.

cirque la vie en rose 7cirque la vie en rose 2cirque la vie en rose

Thicker Than Water– a turquoise jelly with multi-dimensional shimmer and delicate holographic sparkle.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is ultra glossy and smooth on application, and the shimmer is so very glow-ey. In person you’ll mostly see it as a strong gold, but at extreme angles it shifts over to green. Please note, the shimmer is way more prominent in person and it is being little shy in my swatches.

**Due to supply issues, this color will be available to 42 bottles that you can claim through a lottery in the Facebook fan group. Details will be announced on 8/19 and the lottery will be held 8/22-8/24.

cirque thicker than water 3cirque thicker than water 2cirque thicker than water

La Vie En Rose is currently available in the shop, and Thicker Than Water will have the lottery held this week in the Facebook fan group! Be sure to check out my video swatches to see these pretties in action!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤