Hello again everyone! I’ve got an exciting new release from Cirque to show you all! We have three kits that feature brand new jelly shades that are intended to use for specific looks. If you’re new to Cirque, their jellies are just like their creams in formula: they’re ultra glassy and smooth and self level very strong. The only difference, is their sheerness as they are jellies. In leu of swatching each color, I’m going to show you the looks they are created for.

Now, each kit comes in these adorable boxes that resemble jewelry boxes. There is the Rose Quartz kit, Green Jade kit, and Tortoise Shells kit. The latter contains three polishes with the two former kits having two polishes. Underneath each box is a QR code that will directly link you to a tutorial and instructions on how to create each design. This is one of those posts where I really encourage you to check out my swatch video for exactly how I created them.

Rose Quartz nail kit ($25). In this kit is the colors Chiffon and Rose Jelly. You start off with two coats of Rose Jelly and swipe Chiffon over it to create a swirly quartz appearance.

cirque rose quartz 3cirque rose quartz 2cirque rose quartz

Green Jade kit ($25). This kit has two colors as well: Green Jade and Linen. This looks is pretty similar to rose quartz except you’ll get more of a marbled appearance from the two shades.

cirque green jade 3cirque green jade 2cirque green jade

Tortoise Shell kit ($36). This kit has three polishes: Walnut, Camel, and Rust. I’ll admit I was terrified of those one as I am crazy rusty on nail art since I’ve exclusively been swatching over the last few years. I’m pleased to report that I made the look successful and it was pretty easy to do.

cirque tortoise 3cirque tortoise 2cirque tortoise

All three kits are currently available through Cirque Colors’ shop now! Be sure to check out my swatch video to see how easy these are and no nail art tools are required!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤