Hello again lovelies! I’ve got two more posts for you all today! Here I will be showing you guys Scofflaw’s Fall 2019 collection! We’ve got ultra packed crellies ahead so let’s get to it!

As a blanket statement, all polishes shown are with two coats and a glossy topcoat. These are on the thirsty side so I’d recommend an ultra glossy topcoat to smooth everything out. I went in with my usual one, slightly thicker and I had no texture afterwards.

Harold loves Maude – A dusty pale yellow base, with microglitters of purple and violet, violet shimmer, and finished off with golden flakes.
This leans a touch more on the nude side against my skin tone. It’s got lots of scattered sparkle from the flakes and the violet shimmer gives a soft cool toned shimmer.
scofflaw harold loves maude 3scofflaw harold loves maude 2scofflaw harold loves maude
Fleabag – A dark green jelly base packed with scattered holo, black flecks, and blue-green iridescent microglitters.
This is what I would consider a full coverage glitter, even at the first coat I was at a strong opaque level. It dries down very matte and glitter like, so once again highly recommend a glossy topcoat (or two coats if your usual topper is on the thin side). LOADS of sparkle to see here.
scofflaw fleabag 3scofflaw fleabag 2scofflaw fleabag
Hard Heart and a Spiny Corset – A grey base with green shimmer highlights, icy flecks, and glitters of navy and mint green.
This one is one of my top picks in the collection. The base is a cool toned grey, but the shimmer is a strong aqua green that warms it all up. It reminds me of R2D2 and I love it even more!
scofflaw hard heart and a spiny corset 3scofflaw hard heart and a spiny corset 2scofflaw hard heart and a spiny corset
Sour Gummy Moose – a rich dark brown jelly base, with different shades and sizes of green, turquoise, and brown glitters.
This one is dark and vampy and I feel like there’s just the slightest touch of an eggplant shade to the base color.
scofflaw sour gummy moose 3scofflaw sour gummy moose 2scofflaw sour gummy moose
Dolly Parton is Punk Rock – A salmon creme with an aqua shimmer, and glitter of silver, aqua, and pink.
This has an overall warm feel and leans almost like a neutral again my warm skin tone. Lot’s of sparkle from the shimmer as well as the larger glitters too.
scofflaw dolly parton is punk rock 3scofflaw dolly parton is punk rock 2scofflaw dolly parton is punk rock
Oxford Comma Appreciation Club – A blue jelly base with sharp blue sparkles and shimmer, and navy and black glitters.
This is my TOP pick in the set. It’s an amazingly flattering cool toned blue with lots of shimmer in person. I’m fairly certain I don’t have a shade of blue in my collection like this one and I love love loved it!
scofflaw oxford comma appreciation club 3scofflaw oxford comma appreciation club 2scofflaw oxford comma appreciation club
Nebula has Daddy Issues – A dark teal base with purple and fuchsia glitters, and finished off with a twinkling holo sparkle.
This is the second polish in the collection that is what I would consider a full coverage glitter. It does dry down very matte and thirsty so I’d recommend a good glossy topcoat to really exploit those glitters.
scofflaw nebula has daddy issues 3scofflaw nebula has daddy issues 2scofflaw nebula has daddy issues
Mermaids Don’t Lose Sleep Over the Opinions of Shrimp – A mauve-taupe jelly base, with holographic gold and violet glitters, purple and hot pink flakies, pearl flecks, and periwinkle sparkles.
First off, I absolutely adore the name. I want it on stickers that I can plaster everywhere. The base color leans very neutral on me and has lots of sparkles. This has the most jelly feel in the collection though still built up to full opacity for me at two coats.
scofflaw mermaids dont lose sleep over opinions of shrimp 3scofflaw mermaids dont lose sleep over opinions of shrimp 2scofflaw mermaids dont lose sleep over opinions of shrimp
The fall collection will release September 27th, at 7:00 pm central. Be sure to check out my swatch video to see these beauties in action!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤