Hello again lovelies! Baroness X is back with a new group custom for the Facebook fan group ‘Orange you glad to be here’ and a new one coater cream! I’m so excited for these as I think they pair very nicely together! I will note, for the custom you must be a member of that group to purchase. I’ll have all that info at the end of this post so let’s get to the swatches!

Hunter’s Moon ($10): an orange (cold) to yellow (warm) thermal with large particle holo sprinkled throughout, gold shimmer and gold sheer microflakes. It also glows in the dark from green (warm) to a yellowish green (cool).

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is squishy and smooth on application and builds up perfectly at two coats. This has very sensitive temperature shift and is so, so flattering. The tiny gold flecks give a scattered sparkle and it dries down semi-glossy so I think any topcoat will work just fine. It also glow CRAZY strong in the dark!

baroness x hunters moon 3baroness x hunters moon 2baroness x hunters moon

Nevermore ($7.50): a one coat black cream.

Swatches show one coat on its own. This has an ultra buttery smooth feel on application and dries down semi-glossy so any topcoat will be perfect.

baroness x nevermore

Now I went ahead and did some stamping with Nevermore with some purposefully chosen fine lines to show that it stamps PERFECTLY. I had no issues at all and I picked up images on the first go. I finished off with a matte topcoat to be a little different (for once haha).

baroness x hunters moon 6baroness x hunters moon 8


Both are currently available now in the shop, make sure you join the orange lovers group (orange you glad to be here) so that you can get that gorgeous thermal. Also, be sure to check out the swatch video to see a mini tutorial of the stamping and see that glorious black applied! I can’t recommend this brand enough, I highly recommend trying out her Fixir Elixir and/or cuticle oil as those are legit my holy grail items for nail care. (You can also FULLY customize your scent options too!)

Thanks so much for reading! ❤