Hello again lovely readers! Baroness X is bringing us another amazing box this year for her Black Friday release! This time we have a sequel to the popular Cats in Space and they are amazing! She’s also have an epic sale, so all that good stuff will be at the end of the post. Let’s check out the polishes!

Ground Control to Major Tomcat – magnetic pink/copper/gold/green multichrome pigment in a blue to red multichrome base with teal metallic microflakies.

Swatches show two coats magnetized with topcoat. Formula is buttery smooth and rich on application and applies very opaque. The magnetic pigment shifts between pink and gold with green at extreme angles and the tiny teal microflakes give a dense sparkle.

baroness x ground control to major tomcat 3baroness x ground control to major tomcat 2baroness x ground control to major tomcat

Stalking on the Moon – a grey base packed with rose metallic microflakies and holo microflake.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is crelly like with a squish to it and applies very opaque on the nail. This is seriously one to see in person, the micro flakes give off so much sparkle and this is such a crazy flattering shade.

baroness x stalking on the moon 3baroness x stalking on the moon 2baroness x stalking on the moon

Su-purrr-nova – grape/berry jelly with green to purple shimmer, pink holo glitter microshards, blue iridescent microshards and pink to green iridescent flakies – use as a topper or build it up.

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula feels like a squishy jelly but builds up quickly on the nail. I went for three coats to ensure the goodies in here pop well, but I can see most probably needing just two normal coats. The shimmer is very strong in person and shifts easily to a luminescent purple. I don’t think my swatches did this one justice to be honest.

baroness x supurrnova 3baroness x supurrnova 2baroness x supurrnova

Astrocat (named after Felicette, the first cat in space) – sister to Space Cat from the first Cats In Space Box – a royal blue base with turq to purple shimmer, sterling silver flakies and large particle holo pigment

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is on the medium side and applies very opaque on the nail. This is so stunning in person and the silver flakes give a lovely reflective sparkle too. I’m a blue polish lover and this one fits the bill of all the things I love.

Baroness X astrocat 3Baroness X astrocat 2Baroness X astrocat

The Black Friday Box will be available starting Tuesday Nov 26th at 5pm PT.
  • Option to choose from a full box which includes the 4 polishes and a bunch of extras, OR the half size box will allow you to choose 2 of the 4 polishes and it will include one less extra.
    • Both boxes have 3 new BX items that have not been released plus many additional Baroness X and Fox Fire Wax & Bath Co. extras.
    • There will be 120 boxes available total.
    • Half Box – $40 plus shipping ($58 value)
    • Full Box – $55 plus shipping ($85 value)
    • No demiflux item in the box this year, but there will be LE cat themed rings and earrings available on the Baroness X website. 🙂
  • The solo polishes will be available starting Friday Nov 22nd 6am PT in limited amounts.
Additional Black Friday Sale Info:
  • All in-stock polishes and mystery bags (new options) are 20% off, except polishes newly released day of sale.
  • All in-stock non polish items are 20-50% off, except custom scented items.
  • Each person may order one 3 oz. unscented lotion for one penny, .01. You can choose from our Olive, Goat Milk or Body Souffle lotions.

You can check out Baroness X at the following links (and my swatch video!)

Thanks so much for reading!