Hello again lovely readers! I have the new Zoya Holiday 2019 collection to show you all, and we have some serious gorgeousness happening in this set! Let’s get down to swatches!

*topcoat you are seeing in this post is Glisten and Glow’s quick dry glossy topcoat. It did wonders to some of these creams!

*All polishes are shown at two coats plus topcoat. Every one self leveled beautifully and had lovely coverage and plumpness at two coats. Any other interesting things I found about individual colors will be over each photo.

Gabi- a midnight purple aubergine cream.

zoya gabi

Alessia- an icy blue metallic with hints of silver.

I skipped topcoat on Alessia since it was so reflective and pretty and I felt like you could really get an idea of the finish this way. It’s not quite a pixie dust, but it does apply like one. The ‘glitters’ here are more like very metallic foiled silver shimmers that are very dense and give that gorgeous reflective quality. I think it was worth noting that while this does appear similar to say, Liberty… it’s definitely a heavy foil and not a glitter.

zoya alessia 2zoya alessia

Jen- a royal sapphire blue with a hint of purple.

zoya jen 2zoya jen

Mai- a sophisticated rosewood cream

zoya mai

Rosa- a bright and cheerful fuchsia with a pearl effect.

zoya rosa

Steph- a muted Winter pink cream with a warm undertone.

zoya steph

Kaede- a gold metallic fleck with holographic foil, the perfect overlay to pair with your favorite Zoya shade, or wear alone to dazzle the night away.

I swatches Kaede at two coats with topcoat. I found that at the second coat, the flakes will stick together on the nail and cause texture or poking. Personally, I would wear this one at one coat over another cream and it would look best.
zoya kaede 2zoya kaede
Tieran- a medium toned charcoal cream

zoya tieran

Sedona- a warm, spiced mahogany with a pearl effect

zoya sedona 2zoya sedona


Enza- a medium macadamia cream

zoya enza

Tanya- a festive candy red cream

zoya tanya

Jett- a frosted silver with a flakey texture that dries down matte.

For this one, I skipped topcoat so you can see the matte effect you’ll get. I noticed when wearing it around that the flakes are very gentle, so they’ll flake up if you wear it alone. I would personally recommend a matte topcoat to seal them in while preserving the matte effect of the polish itself.

zoya jett 2zoya jett

These are currently available through Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments, and through select Ulta stores. Be sure to check out my swatch video to see application of all twelve polishes!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤