Hello lovely readers! I have a few posts to show you all today! First up is Ethereal Lacquer’s newest collection, inspired by yummy fruits and bright shimmers! I have two of the six in the collection to show you all, so let’s get to it!

Mango: a bright, warm, sunny yellow jelly base with strong red to green shifting shimmer.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. The shimmer is very intense, and I definitely  agree with the namesake that the base color is a true mango yellow shade. It has what I consider a ‘soft buildup’ in that you’ll see your smile line if you wear it alone. I think a color correcting base coat will be perfect if that is a concern. I think there’s also a ton of versatility here, you can definitely layer it over a yellow cream for a louder effect. Regardless, the shimmer is very strong in person and you’ll get a gorgeous red glow with green at angles.

ethereal mango 3ethereal mango 2ethereal mango

Persimmon: an almost burnt orange based multichrome with strong copper to red shift.

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is ultra smooth and glossy on brush strokes and builds up quickly to opacity. There’s a strong coppery glow here, that catches red shades in various lighting. I think most will be fine at two coats, and you’ll get a lovely plump effect that I appreciate.

ethereal persimmon 3ethereal persimmon 2ethereal persimmon

Each polish in this collection is $12.50 with the exception of the jelly, Dragonfruit which is $8.00. The whole collection is currently on preorder through February 11th at 9pm EST! You can check out the shop, or Fan Group for additional swatches of the other four in the collection, and be sure to take a peek at my swatch video to see these two in action!

Thanks so much for reading!