Hello lovely readers! Victoria of Blush Lacquers has a new collection releasing this weekend! This is another release where we have an early preorder date where you can grab them at a discounted price along with the lovely satin-matte topcoat! I’ll break all of this down below but I think it’s such a cool idea to have like a mini-sale where you are guaranteed product without worrying about oversell and have a discount too! The Film Noir collection is inspired by the namesake of the collection and features a set of six creams that are all in a greyscale.


For this collection, Victoria has switched up her usual cream formula and increased her pigment ratio so that they are more dense, heavy, and super pigmented on application. So to prevent myself repeating underneath each polish description, I want to put out a blanket statement that these are AWESOME. They are all shown with one coat and no topcoat, and then one coat with the Matterial Girl matte topcoat. Now if you prefer to apply with thin coats, then perhaps two coats will do you just fine. I personally found that at one normal coat, I had wonderful plump-ness and the self leveling was very strong on all six polishes. They all dry down flat, so per usual I’d recommend some sort of topcoat to seal all the goods in. So, let’s take a peek!


*Matte topcoat shown is Matterial Girl which is described as a topcoat that adds a satin-matte finish. $7.35


A Dangerous Woman: A seductive patent leather true black creme nail polish. *We have noticed some slight staining with A Dangerous Woman*


I’d like to note that I had no staining issues. I have swatched some heavy stainers from various brands (which I never have mentioned as they always have been pulled from releases) and when they stain, they normally go right through my latex barrier. I did not have that problem with this one, and when I cleaned up my cuticles, it removed with no issues with a clean up brush and 100% pure acetone. So with that said, if you are prone to staining then please make sure to wear a good base coat just in case.


blush lacquers a dangerous womanblush lacquers a dangerous woman 3


The Private Eye:  A mysterious charcoal grey creme nail polish.


blush lacquers the private eyeblush lacquers the private eye 3


Flashback: A stone cold steel grey creme nail polish.


blush lacquers flaskbackblush lacquers flaskback 3


Light A Lucky Strike: A medium smoky grey creme nail polish.


blush lacquers light a lucky strikeblush lacquers light a lucky strike 3


Lamplight Flicker: A soft, foggy grey creme nail polish


blush lacquers lamplight flickerblush lacquers lamplight flicker 3


Venetian Blinds: A stark, bright white creme nail polish.


blush lacquers venetian blindsblush lacquers venetian blinds 3


And finally, I did some arting with The Private Eye, Light a Lucky Strike, and Venetian Blinds. I made a gradient with all three, and then stamped the same gradient in reverse with plate 1-02 from Uberchic and a super squishy stamper from Lantern and Wren. I played around with all six polishes and they all stamped wonderfully. For the gradient, they are so opaque that you won’t need a white undie to get it opaque with a sponge. I have a quickie tutorial on how to do this in my swatch video.




The pre-order with special pricing goes live Sunday, February 23rd at 12:01am EST to Thursday, February 27th 11:59pm EST. Orders during this launch will ship before the official release. Prices for this collection will be:
  • Individual: $7
  • Matterial Girl matte topcoat: $6
  • Full Set: $42 AND a free bottle of Matterial Girl matte topcoat.

After the preorder, they will go to regular pricing. Official release date is Friday, February 28th at 12:01am EST:

  • Individual: $8
  • Matterial Girl matte topcoat: $7.35
  • Full Set: $48 (and does not include Matterial Girl)

Preview for the collection is currently on Blush’s site. Be sure to check out my swatch video to see these in action!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤