*PRESS SAMPLE: these were sent to me for an honest review*

Hello lovely readers! I have quite the mega post for you all today! I have loads of goodies to show you all from Baroness X! Today I’m reviewing her new burnishing powders and posting my thoughts on other products that I’ve been using like crazy over the last few months. I can’t recommend her stuff enough, scents are on point, formulas are awesome and now we have some nail art things to take a look at!

Dirty Delete liquid latex nail tape: full size (15 mL): $6.50 mini (8 mL): $4.50

  •  Comes in five colors: Blackout (black), Bare Bones (dries clear), Naked (light neutral), violette (purple), and Whiteout (white).

Full disclosure: I’ve been using what is now called Bare Bones for several months for swatching. It is the only peel off that I’ve used that comes up with one sheet and works so crazy well for swatching. I tested her first bottle around September of last year and since then I pester her constantly to let me buy more. I can’t recommend it enough if you swatch. Seriously.

Now if you don’t swatch, I’d suggest one of the colored ones. I always use latex for easy clean up for stamping, water marbling, and now powders. I personally like the colored ones for nail art since I can see exactly what needs to be peeled up when I’m ready to clean up. Blackout has a somewhat thicker, fiber like feel when peeling so if you’re wanting something heavy duty (for marbling) I’d suggest that one.

baroness x dirty deletebaroness x dirty delete bare bonesbarones x dirty delete violettbaroness x dirty delete blackout

Tabula Rasa clean slate nail prep $5.50

  • Prep your nails for polish by using Tabula Rasa before starting your manicure. Tabula Rasa is specially formulated to prepare the nail bed with a “clean slate”. This means your base coat will bind more securely to the nail bed. To use, just brush on and let it dry before applying your base coat.

We’ve all been washing our hands like crazy lately. My hands are starting to show it. The skin between my fingers is starting to peel pretty badly so as a blogger that’s problematic for swatching (especially on videos). Lately, right before I swatch I slather my skin in moisturizer (more on that later) and of course it leaves my nail plates very oily. This is not good for latex, as it makes it start to clump and ruin the brush on your latex bottles. I received this as a gift from Demi a few months ago and I’ve used it right before swatching to clear off my nails from moisture to maintain my latex brush. This can also be used to prep your nails for manis too, and really let your base coat adhere to your nails. It’s very liquid-y, so a little goes a long way and just gently brush to remove the excess.

baroness x tabula rasa

I’ll admit, several years ago when burnishing powders were a huge deal with gel polishes I tried it then and hated it. I didn’t like that you had to use gel polish and I never had good luck with the no wipe gel topcoats. I’d either damage my nails severely with removal, or I couldn’t get the effect just right. I recorded my swatch video for this post and full disclosure- I made a few errors when trying out the powders. There’s a slight learning curve but after my second try I had excellent results and I thought they were crazy easy to use and gave fantastic results. The secret here is the Bind and Burnish Base coat. You can literally use the powders over any base color.

Bind and Burnish Base Coat: full size (15 mL): $8 mini (8 mL): $4.75

  • Bind and Burnish was created to use with the GalaXy Glints Burnishing Powders or as a great sticky base coat to make your mani last longer. Bind & Burnish (B&B) dries with a tacky finish making it the perfect base to use to adhere loose powder.
  • To use, paint on a regular coat of the B&B Base Coat (not too thin or too thick). After 30-40 seconds you can see that it dries down to a slightly matte finish, this means it’s time to apply your powder. You can either use a makeup applicator pad or your fingertip to apply.

I found that as long as you follow the instructions you’ll be just fine. It really does matter how thin or thick you apply it. The best results that I had were with a thin layer. It has a super smooth but light feel on the brush strokes and starts off looking incredible glossy. After almost 40 seconds or so, you’ll see it turn a satin appearance. This is when you know you’re good. I used the makeup sponge applicator that is listed in her shop (and in the starter kits) and found that burnishing the powder starting around your cuticles to seal in your clean up line with pigment, then working your way down your free edge was best. Make sure to get product all over your nail, then with the same sponge gently burnish in a downward stroking manner.

baroness x burnish and bind

Cleanup is very easy with these, especially if you’re using a latex barrier. They’re a little messy so after you topcoat, just wash your hands and any excess on your skin comes off very easily. In this post I am using Baroness X’s Liquid Crystal topcoat, though I think any topcoat will work too. Liquid Crystal has a thinner consistency to it and is quick drying, so if you prefer a lighter formula I’d suggest it.

GalaXy Glints: Stargazer Set (without holo) $7 each

~0.3 grams per pot (roughly 5-6 manis)~


Betelgeuse – copper/gold/green (similar to OGUP)

*shown here over one coat of Nevermore

baroness x betelgeuse nevermore 3baroness x betelgeuse nevermore 2baroness x betelgeuse nevermore

*shown her over two coats of Doomed

baroness x betelgeuse doomed redone 3baroness x betelgeuse doomed redone

Polaris – gold/lime/green/blue

*shown over one coat of Nevermore

baroness x polaris nevermore 3baroness x polaris nevermore 2baroness x polaris nevermore

*over two coats Doomed

baroness x polaris over doomed redone 3baroness x polaris over doomed redone

Antares – green/blue/purple

*over one coat of Nevermore

baroness x antares nevermore 3baroness x antares nevermore 2baroness x antares nevermore

*over two coats Doomed

baroness x antares doomed 3baroness x antares doomed

Rigel – royal blue/royal purple/fuschia

*over one coat Nevermore

baroness x rigel nevermore 3baroness x rigel nevermore 2baroness x rigel nevermore

*over two coats The End Times

baroness x rigel end times 2baroness x rigel end times

 GalaXy Glints: Constellation Set (with holo) $7 each

~0.3 grams per pot (roughly 5-6 manis)~

Tucana – pink/gold/green w/holo (THIS IS A LIMITED OPTION for now, may come back if there is demand)

*over one coat Nevermore

baroness x tucana nevermore 3baroness x tucana nevermore 2baroness x tucana nevermore

*over two coats Vulcan Blood

baroness x tucana vulcan 3baroness x tucana vulcan

Felis – copper/gold/green w/holo (similar to OGUP)
w/ holo

*over one coat Nevermore

baroness x felis nevermore redone 3baroness x felis nevermore redone 2baroness x felis nevermore redone

*over two coats Doomed

baroness x felis doomed 3baroness x felis doomed

Hydra – gold/lime/green/blue w/holo

*over one coat Nevermore

baroness x hydra nevermore 3baroness x hydra nevermore 2baroness x hydra nevermore

*over two coats Vulcan Blood

baroness x hydra vulcan 3baroness x hydra vulcan

Draco – green/blue/purple w/holo

*over one coat Nevermore

baroness x draco nevermore 3baroness x draco nevermore 2baroness x draco nevermore

*over two coats Vulcan Blood

baroness x draco vulcan 3baroness x draco vulcan

Cassiopeia – royal blue/royal purple/fuschia w/holo

*over one coat Nevermore

baroness x cassiopeia nevermore redone 3baroness x cassiopeia nevermore redone 2baroness x cassiopeia nevermore redone

*over two coats The End Times

baroness x cassiopeia end times 3baroness x cassiopeia end times

And lastly, I want to show you guys Fixer Elixir and the new Chantilly Creme (body butter). I mentioned earlier that I’ve been washing my hands a ton lately. Well, now that my skin is peeling quite a bit I need some moisture STAT. I’ve been using Fixer Elixir for quite some time to give me a lovely moisturized look (especially for swatching) that absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave you shiny. I love this stuff, but since Chantilly Creme arrived I’v been using that even more for the extra help.

I’m a body butter nut, so I’m very critical over them. I’ve been annoying Demi for years now to make butter and damn was the wait worth it. I like by body butter to behave exactly like their name: butter. I expect them to be highly moisturizing and firm in the container but melt with heat. This does all of that and not only do I adore it for after showering, but I’ve also taken to using it on my hands. It’s drastically helped with the peeling and is perfect for all the harsh washing I’ve been doing. I can’t recommend it enough. Those of you that are new to the brand: she’s got dozens of scents. You can customize your body stuff! If you’re bakery loving like myself, I highly recommend lemon beignet and cupcakes at Tiffany’s. The one in my photo is the scent Rosa del Raval and that is so good too. It’s a little fruity, but almost has a fizz to the after note. (These are from BX’s sister brand, Foxfire but you can grab them on the BX site too).

baroness x chantilly cremebaroness x fixir elixir
There you have it! My favorites plus some new things! Please keep in mind that Chantilly Creme will not be offered in the summer due to the oil’s that are used for it. I plan on stocking up before that happens because this stuff is good. All of the products reviewed in this post are currently available. Be sure to check out my swatch video if you’d like to see the powders and latex in action!

Thanks so much for reading!