*PRESS SAMPLE: these were sent to me for an honest review*

Hello lovely readers! I know I have been quiet lately, but that always means I’m working my tail off on new posts! I actually have 12 of them in que right now for editing and voicing over for videos (whew!). I’m kicking off my post-a-thon with Baroness X’s Galaxy Glitters and holographic flakie pots! We also have two newer jelly undies that are perfect for a base on any of her powders and glitters. Let’s take a peek!

Grotto: a teal jelly $6

Swatches show two coats alone. Formula is squishy, jelly like and self levels easily.

baroness x grotto

Ghostwood: medium grey creme $6

Swatches show two coats alone. Formula is similar to Grotto in smoothness and easy brush strokes but applies just a touch more like a cream for opacity.

baroness x ghostwood

Pleiades: holographic foil flakes $6

Swatches show this one burnished heavily over Grotto. You’ll want to use the Bind and Burnish Basecoat and let it dry over your choice of base for roughly 45 seconds then apply in your preferred style. This is very versatile in that the flakes can be used sparingly for a holo flake effect, or you can go ham like I did for full coverage. This is crazy holo in person, with lots of rainbows all over the place. The flakes are like foil and adhere very well and flat to your nail; but they are larger, so if you wear it full coverage like me, I’d suggest a glossy topcoat to smooth everything out.

baroness x pleiades 3baroness x pleiades 2

Jupiter Moons (Iridescent) $6 each (on sale now for $5 each)

Swatches show each burnished over Grotto or Ghostwood. I applied these with a stamping head. These are loaded with product so I’d suggest tapping out just a tiny bit on the cap for the pot and using a stamper head or your finger to apply them. If you use a stamper head, just gently brush off the excess from application, and then topcoat. It’s recommended to use the Bind and Burnish Basecoat, though I found that with the Glitters you can also apply without it if your polish is just a bit between fully dry and tacky.

Callisto– pink/yellow/green

baroness x callisto 3baroness x callisto 2

Europa– green/blue/indigo

baroness x europa 3baroness x europa 2

IO– orange/yellow/green

baroness x io 3baroness x io 2

Neptune Moons (Multichrome Glitters) $6 (on sale now for $5 each)

Proteus– blue/red

baroness x proteus4baroness x proteus 2

Triton– teal/purple

baroness x triton 5baroness x triton 2

Galatea– gold/green/sky blue

baroness x galatea 5baroness x galatea 2

These are all currently available in the shop. I highly recommend checking out my swatch video to see these in action and how I applied them!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤