PRESS SAMPLE: these were sent to me for an honest review


Hello again lovely readers! I have one more post for you all today! This time we have a new collection and creme of the month from Night Owl Lacquer! I’m so stoked she’s back and bringing back her creme of the month series and folks, if you haven’t tried Night Owl cremes, then you’re seriously missing out! They’re usually one coaters and stamp. Let’s take a peek!


-Neon Sunset Collection-
Full set $31.00; creams $7, topper $11


In lieu of repeating myself, all swatches of the creams are shown with two thin coats and NOL Patience Not Required topcoat. They are ultra rich and dense on application, self level perfectly and plump up easily. If you’re heavy handed you can get away with one coat, but honestly I think they look best with two light coats.


Glowing, Glowing, Gone – a neon orange leaning yellow creme


nol glowing glowing gone


Slowly Sinking – a neon peach leaning orange creme


nol slowly sinking


Final Fire – a neon red orange creme


nol final fire


Fading Light –  a clear based topper filled with pink red/yellow shimmer and 3 different color shifting crystal chameleon flakes in shades of the sunset.


Swatches show one coat over Feeling Blue Without You. This gives a lovely primary pink shimmery effect with matching iridescent flakes. One coat gives off lovely payoff.


nol fading light 4nol fading light 3nol fading light


-June Creme of the Month-  $7


Feeling Blue Without You –  a mid toned blue creme.


Swatches show one coat with NOL Patience Not Required topcoat. Formula once again is rich, dense, buttery and self leveling. I went in someone heavier with my coat to demonstrate wearing at one coat for the swatch video. Otherwise, I’d suggest two thin coats for maximum plumpness.


nol feeling blue without you


Lastly, I wanted to see how these watermarbled. Those subscribed to my YouTube channel know I recently purchased a watermarbling tool from What’s Up Nails. Honestly, the tool is awesome and game-changing. You can check it out here.


The creams marbled perfectly, even with being on the heavier side for formula. It was easy to make my design.


nol marble 5nol marble 3nol marblenol marble fading light 2nol marble fading light


These will release May 29th at 6:00 PM MST. Be sure to check out my swatch video to see the water marble tutorial and the formulas in action!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤