PRESS SAMPLE: these were sent to me for an honest review

Continuing on with today’s post-a-thon, I am showing you all Cirque’s newest Vice collection for 2020! These are so bright and fun, and are just wonderful! The collection features a few new shades along with a few re-releases.

Overall, all of the polishes in this collection have perfect formulas. They are rich and creamy on the brush strokes and self level perfectly. The plumping factor is amazing too and they look so juicy when they are finished. They all dry down quite matte (true to neon pigments) so I’d recommend a glossy topcoat to make them pop. All are shown at two coats with topcoat, except Hedonist (yellow) that I went in with a third thin coat (that I probably was fine at two coats too).

Superfreak – neon orange

Please note, this is incredible neon orange in person and my camera just couldn’t handle it. On my monitor I’m seeing a fluorescent cast, so just note this is crazy neon orange.

cirque superfreak

Valley of the Dolls – bright barbie pink

I’m pretty picky on pinks, but this one is so crazy flattering.

cirque valley of the dolls

Retail Therapy – neon magenta (re-release)

This is another that my camera nope’d right out of. In person it’s a true neon, brilliant magenta. It’s got a cooler tone to it, and not quite as warm as my swatches show.

cirque retail therapy

Thirsty – bright minty green

cirque thirsty

Cyber – neon grass green (re-release)

cirque cyber

Hedonist – happy neon yellow (re-release)

This is another shade that I think is very flattering. It’s a true yellow, so no undertones here just straight up lemony goodness. Again, this was the only one I took up to a third thin coat but I think that was my mistake and two normal coats is enough.

cirque hedonist

Euphoria – bright lilac

cirque euphoria

I’ve been on a water marbling kick, so I went ahead and played with these in the water and I found that they marbled beautifully! I have a quickie tutorial in my swatch video of how I made these!

cirque marble 5cirque marble 4

These will launch June 17 through Cirque’s shop! Be sure to check out my swatch video to see these in action!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤