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Hello lovely readers! Today I’m showing you all a new exclusive fluid art polish from Baroness X because…. *drum roll* Baroness X will now be carried through Girly Bits Cosmetics! Those of you who are international can get your paws on some BX goodies. Right now there is a pre-order for this shade and a few other goodies. So let’s dive right in!


Novo Mundo– a fluid art polish with a cobalt blue base with blue and gold glass microflakes, turquoise shimmer and metallic microflakie with a spinkling of holo pigment.  $14.50 CAD


So this is my second go with fluid art nails, and I’ve got to say it gets so easy once you really play around with it. I personally like the decal method. In my swatch video I have a full (quickie) tutorial on how I made these. I used gold and white to compliment with the gorgeous blue of Novo Mundo and mushed them on a nail art mat to create this look. Fluid art polishes mean that as the polish dries, it’ll create cells in your other colors so that it gives a separated, circular look.


baroness x novo mundo 3baroness x novo mundo 2baroness x novo mundo


Novo Mundo is currently available through Girly Bits Cosmetics, and also on pre-order is new scents in drying spray, lip scrub, bind and burnish base coat, and other fluid art polish colors. Don’t forget to check out my swatch video to see how to make this look! ETA: Novo Mundo will be available through Baroness X’s site for US customers in the near future!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤