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Hello again lovely readers! I think I have this whole staggered posting schedule down so I don’t overwhelm you all in a matter of a few days haha. Rest assured, you will probably be getting notifications for new posts each day this week (provided I can keep hammering these out). Today I’m showing you all Blush’s newest collection, inspired by a lovely beachy theme. It features four creams, one topper, and a new metallic finish. Let’s dive right in!


*to prevent myself from being redundant, each cream is shown at two thin coats with topcoat. The formula for all four is so crazy pigmented, and they all heavily flirt with being one coaters. I normally like to wear one coaters at two thin coats so that I can maximize plumpness in the overall look. They self level perfectly, and are not quite neon but still very bright and eye-catching in person. They dry down semi-glossy, so I think any topcoat will be fine.


Bungalow Breeze: The perfect peacock turquoise creme nail polish. $8


blush bungalow breeze


Cabana Boy: A prim and proper cornflower blue creme nail polish with a slightly bright tone. $8


blush cabana boy


Heatwave In Havana: A juicy ripe tangerine creme nail polish. $8


blush heatwave in havana


Mai Tai: A bright mango creme nail polish with yellow undertones. $8


blush mai tai


Lifeguard Not On Duty: A fun metallic pink with rosy coral tones. $11


Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is dense and rich on application and builds up quickly. On my monitor, this appears like how I’m seeing it in person. There’s an almost dusky pink feel with a strong rosy undertone. To minimize streaks, I’d suggest to not overwork your brush strokes and allow it to settle itself out on the nail.


blush lifeguard not on duty 3blush lifeguard not on duty 2blush lifeguard not on duty


Bangles & Beachballs: A clear base topper filled with gold flakes and shifting red-orange-gold multi-chrome flakes. $8


I wanted to see how this look on its own, as well as the intended topper look. So the first few shots show three coats with topcoat. You’ll get really nice flakie payoff in one coat, with a dense but somewhat sheer finish after building it up. I think this will make a perfect summer-fall transition topper.


blush bangles and beachballs 3blush bangles and beachballs 2blush bangles and beachballs


Here I applied one coat over Bungalow Breeze and I think they complimented each other perfectly.


blush bangles and beachballs over bungalow 3blush bangles and beachballs over bungalow 2blush bangles and beachballs over bungalow


And finally, I know I’ve been on a water marbling kick with whatever cream collections I’ve been receiving; I did try to water marble with the creams in this set a few times. Unfortunately, I found that because they are so pigmented the design got a little muddied each time I pulled my finger out of the water. So in lieu of that, I went ahead and did a cut beach theme with a gradient. I only needed to sponge twice to build these up and blend them together.




The Poolside collection launches June 25th at 7pm EST. The website should be up for preview today. Be sure to check out my swatch video to see these beauties in action!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤