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Hello lovely readers! I know I’ve been quiet in terms of blogging as I’m usually posting away like crazy! I’ve been working on a ton of things for school lately, and if you didn’t already know: I’m a graduate student with a focus in microbiology. Which ties in very well with this month’s Polish Pickup theme if you ask me šŸ˜‰ This month we have loads of goodies to check out that make this biology nerd quite happy! I think a lot of these shades are wonderful transitions into fall, so let’s dive right in!

Alchemy Lacquers: Popcorn Laser

  • Description: a purple jelly nail lacquer with pink/orange/green flakes and holographic flakes
  • Inspiration:Ā  a scene from the movie Real Genius
  • Price: $11.50
  • Cap: 200US/10UK

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is jelly like and easy to build up. The flakes give a strong iridescent glow, and there’s a subtle sparkle after topcoat.

alchemy popcorn laser3alchemy popcorn laser 5alchemy popcorn laser

Apipila: I Need Space stamping plate

  • Description: 18 cm x 10 cm stamping plate
  • Price: $14.50
  • Cap: 250 US/50 UK

This stamping plate is quite a bit on the larger side, and there’s a little bit of everything on here. I adored the images, so for your viewing pleasure I created three geeky looks with it. The plate is etched wonderfully and I had no issues getting images to pull up.

apipila 4apipilaapipila 2apipila 3

Apipila: I’m Weird

  • Description: a brown stamping polish that can also be used for normal polishing
  • Price: $9
  • Cap: 80US/20UK

Swatches show one coat with topcoat on my pinky and index fingers, and stamped over white and black. As a normal polish this has a smooth rich, dense one coater application and stamped perfectly. I had crisp images on the first go with a clear jelly stamper.

apipila im weirdapipila im weird 3

Aurora: A Nice Greasy Pork Sandwich Served in a Dirty Ashtray

  • Description: a brown flakie bomb packed with bronze and gold metallic flakies and scattered metallic purple highlights
  • Inspiration: Weird Science
  • Price: $12
  • Cap: 200US/20UK

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is somewhat jelly like, and builds easily. I’d like to note that the flakes tend to sink to the bottom, so be sure to give your bottles a really good shake so you’ll get them on your nails for a reflective type of sparkle.

aurora a nice greasy porkchop 3aurora a nice greasy porkchop 5aurora a nice greasy porkchop

Aurora: Having a Good Time Being Catatonic in a Closet

  • Description: a sheer effect topper that gives a blue, red, and brown shimmer effect
  • Inspiration: Weird Science
  • Price: $11
  • Cap: 100US/10UK

Swatches show two coats over a black base with topcoat. This is a pretty dense topper and gives off a strong blue shimmer effect with flecks of red here and there. I think it’ll look best over medium and dark colors.

aurora having a good time being catatonic in a close 3aurora having a good time being catatonic in a close 5aurora having a good time being catatonic in a closet

Baroness X: Nacre (fluid art polish)

  • Description: a clear based fluid art polish with a pinky purple shift and green glass specks
  • Inspiration: Nacre (mother of pearl)
  • Price: $11
  • Cap: None

I used a ton of SinfulShine colors for the base colors, and then Nacre on a silicon nail mat for the fluid effect. Nacre isn’t colored itself, however it’ll make those cells and give off lots of shimmer in your nail art. I have a tutorial on how to do this on my swatch video šŸ™‚

barones x nacre 3barones x nacre 4

Baroness X: Acetone Antidote in the scent Fruitful Storm

  • Description: Fruitful Storm scent notes: tropical rainforest leaves with a fruit melange of apple, lemon, apricot, cantaloupe, and creamy coconut, floral nuances of muguet and lily and a light note of white musk.
  • Inspiration: the relationship between the Sahara and the Amazon
  • Price: $4.25
  • Cap: None

This month’s acetone antidote is fruity and somewhat earthy with a slight white musk undertone. It reminds me of a pretty body spray. I use a full bottle in an 8 ounce pump bottle with 100% pure acetone, and it gives me lovely polish removing power with softened cuticles and a lingering scent after removal.

baroness x aa 2

Blush Lacquers: Positronic Brain

  • Description: A buildable pea green jelly with golden tones and holographic microflakes. We recommend a good base coat as this polish does have a heavy amount of yellow pigment in it and may cause staining.
  • Inspiration: Ā Data from Star Trek The Next Generation
  • Price: $11
  • Cap: None

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is smooth and buttery on application. True to a jelly, the base will darken depending on how you wear it (2-3 coats).

blush positronic brain 3blush positronic brain 5blush positronic brain

By Dany Vianna: Carbonation

  • Description: a dark brown jelly with holographic flakes and white glitters
  • Inspiration: dropping a mentos in coke
  • Price: $11.50
  • Cap: 250US/20UK

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. This is another juicy jelly like finish. There’s more of the smaller glitters than the larger ones, so I think it really balances out for that carbonation effect. I didn’t have issues with the larger glitters, and after going in generously with topcoat I had no texture.

by dany vianna carbonation 3by dany vianna carbonation 5by dany vianna carbonation

By Vanessa Molina: Flaming Star

  • Description: a deep red with metal micro flakes and scattered holographic pigment
  • Inspiration: a red giant image
  • Price: $13
  • Cap: 300US/20UK

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is smooth and easy to apply. The base is more of what I’d consider almost a chili pepper red. It’s very warm toned and the flakes give a sort of velvety depth.

by vanessa molina flaming star 3by vanessa molina flaming star 5by vanessa molina flaming star

By Vanessa Molina: Space Storm

  • Description: a magnetic effect topper with scattered holographic pigment and iridescent flakes.
  • Inspiration: magnetic storms occurring in space
  • Price: $13.00
  • Cap: 300US/20UK

Swatches show one coat over a blue jelly magnetized with topcoat. Formula is squishy and easy to apply and magnetizes to give a strong silver appearance with iridescent flakes in the background.

by vanessa molina space storm 3by vanessa molina space storm 5by vanessa molina space storm

Cameo Colours Lacquers: Talos I

  • Description: AĀ black jelly with scattered holo sparkle, full of indigo/purple shifting shimmer, gold metallic micro flakes, and a smattering of silver holo micro flakes
  • Inspiration: One of Cameo’s favorite video games, Prey (2017). Talos I is the 8th wonder of the world, in space. It’s a scientific and technological marvel, housing an inky, malevolent secret.
  • Price: $11.50
  • Cap: 95US/5UKĀ  ETA: 150US/10UK

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is dense and crelly like and builds up quickly. This dries down flat, so I’d suggest a glossy topcoat to exploit the goodies here.

cameo talos 3cameo talos 5cameo talos

Crystal Knockout: Black Hole World

  • Description: A shimmery pink base with a purple glow and tons of iridescent flakies in aqua, pink, gold, and green
  • Inspiration: The theory that a mysterious Planet X in our solar system could actually be a black hole.
  • Price: $11
  • Cap: None

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is on the sheer side. If you have prominent free edge like myself, you’ll see your smile line in the final result. I think this could also double as a topper. There’s lots of golden shimmer against that soft pink base.

crystal knockout black hole world 3crystal knockout black hole world 5crystal knockout black hole world

Cupcake Polish: Sake Up Close

  • Description: a red jelly-based nail polish packed with bronze and gold metallic flakies, orange/green/gold iridescent flakies, and a hint of bronze glitter
  • Inspiration: Sake under a microscope
  • Price: $13
  • Cap: None

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is dense and smooth on application and builds up very quickly. The base is cool toned, but the plethora of flakes warm it up and really take over in an almost reflective sparkle.

cupcake sake up close 3cupcake sake up close 5cupcake sake up close

Cuticula: Chemicals React

  • Description: a blue green jelly jam packed with shifting iridescent flakes, and silver holo micro flakes
  • Ā Inspiration: an image of a chemical reaction
  • Price: $12.00
  • Cap: None

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. This is another dense, smooth type of jelly that really builds up fast. The flakes are very prominent against the base, and I’d suggest a good topcoat to really show off the flakes and sparkle. (shown here is Limitless topcoat).

cuticula chemicals react 3cuticula chemicals react 5cuticula chemicals react

Cuticula: The Game Changer duo (Cinque Base Coat + Limitless Quick Dry Top Coat) in the scent ‘Pop Rocks’

  • Description:
    • Cinque Base Coat: This formula contains 5 vitamins, 5 botanicals, and a strengthening ingredient that work together to provide 5 benefits. This treatment is nourishing, hydrating, and revitalizing. It hardens nails and stimulates growth using vitamins A, B5, C, E, and F. Use this treatment as a base coat under your manis or wear it alone in 2 coats and apply it twice a week. This Base Coat is so shiny and looks really nice as a stand alone treatment on natural nails.
    • Limitless Quick Dry Topcoat: Limitless is a 5 Free Scented Quick Dry Top Coat. This amazingly quick drying formula is FREE of Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene, and Formaldehyde. Smear not! With the floating method this top coat will keep your gorgeous manis perfectly protected without any smearing. Benefits of Limitless Quick Dry Top Coat – Hours of amazing scent – The formula is not too thick, not too thin – Glossy shine – Non smearing(with floating method) – Non shrinking – Dries to a rock hard finish – Keeps your mani protected and long lasting.
  • Price: $16.00
  • Cap: None

Swatches show two coats of Cinque alone, and one coat of cinque underneath my nail art with one coat of Limitless. As a nail protector, I really liked Cinque and it gives a strengthening feel without being too hard. Together, I found that they both really helped to prevent chips over several days.

cuticula duo 2cuticula cinquecuticula duo

Emily de Molly: Element of Strange

  • Description: a pink/orange/gold/green multichrome
  • Inspiration: Bismuth
  • Price: $12
  • Cap: 500US/50UK

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is somewhat jelly like, with a bit of a metallic feel. This is smooth on the brush strokes, and I’d suggest going light on your application as it self levels easily and will prevent potential streaking. This is crazy shifty. I’d like to point out that the blogger bottles are just a touch different, in that yours will be just a bit more golden-green on the primary shift. Honestly, I think the new pigment appears more shifty to me. Which is crazy as this one is already easy to color roll.

emily de molly element of strange 7emily de molly element of strange 6emily de molly element of strange 10emily de molly element of strange 11

Esmaltes da Kelly: Delorean

  • Description: a nude crelly with black galaxy glitter and iridescent gold/green flakies.
  • Inspiration: the Delorean from Back to the Future
  • Price: $13.00
  • Cap: 300

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. This is a really interesting glitter, and has so much glow from the iridescent flakes. It’s a touch thirsty for topcoat, so I’d suggest a glitter smoother or a really good glossy topcoat.

esmaltes da kelly delorean 3esmaltes da kelly delorean 5esmaltes da kelly delorean

Fair Maiden: It’s Glow Time

  • Description: a dark teal jelly base polish with a fierce yellow green shift (aka “glow”) that starkly contrasts the dark teal
  • Inspiration: Synchronous Fireflies
  • Price: $11
  • Cap: None

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. The formula feels jelly like, but builds up quickly. The glow in this is very strong, and in indoor lighting I was still able to see a color roll over to gold from the shimmer.

fair maiden its glow time 4fair maiden its glow time 6fair maiden its glow time

Femme Fatale: Curtains of Fire

  • Description: A teal green jelly base with soft red magnetic pigment and golden holographic microglitters.
  • Inspiration: Ā volcanic activity on Jupiterā€™s moon Io
  • Price: $14
  • Cap: None

Swatches show two coats, then magnetized with topcoat. Formula is jelly like, but dense and very opaque on application. This has a strong sparkle from the holo glitters, and the magnetic particles give a soft but obvious red/copper pull. It dries down pretty matte, so I’d suggest a good glossy topcoat.

femme fatale curtains of fire 3femme fatale curtains of fire 5femme fatale curtains of fire

Glisten & Glow: Zealandia

  • Description: a deep oceanic blue jelly filled with color shifting iridescent flakes that shift between green, orange, pink, and purple with a dash of holo micro flakes.
  • Inspiration: the drowned continent, often classified as Earth’s 8th continent
  • Price: $12.50
  • Cap: 315US/15UK

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is (again lol) jelly like, but very quick to build up. I don’t think my swatches did this one justice, as the iridescent flakes are very strong against that lovely medium blue base. There’s a lot of glow from them.

glisten and glow zealandia 3glisten and glow zealandia 5glisten and glow zealandia

Glisten & Glow: Cuticle remover and cuticle oil pen duo

  • Description: a custom blend of bright and refreshing citrus scent with orange base notes.
    • Cuticle Remover: softens and removes excess cuticle as well as eponychium skin and comes in an easy to use twist up pen style applicator.
      • Apply generously to the cuticle area and let sit for 60 seconds. Gently push back with your favorite tool. Wash hands and cuticles thoroughly with soap and water.
    • Cuticle Oil: a custom blend of jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, argan oil, castor oil, acai berry extract, tea tree oil and fragrance oil.
  • Price: $12.00
  • Cap: 140US/10UK

The cuticle remover is one of the more gentle types that I’ve used, but still very effective as I have pretty harsh cuticles and I’m rough with them all the time. Both cuticle oil and remover are scented in Kumquat, which is fruity and very pleasant. I find G&G’s oil to soak in very nicely, and using both are wonderful for your nail routine. If you’ve never done this before, I have the full process in my swatch video.

glisten and glow duoglisten and glow duo 2

Lemming Lacquer: Cyberpunk

  • Description: a purple, pink, gold, and green multichrome in a dusty blue base with holo micro flakes and sparks
  • Inspiration: the sub-genre of science fiction, particularly the bright and electric colors against a muted dystopian landscape
  • Price: $13
  • Cap: 250

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula applies like a dense jelly and builds up quickly. There’s a ton of shimmer here that pulls the base color almost as a blurple. You’ll see mostly that pinky appearance with an easy shift to gold and green at extreme angles. I loved how the holo flakes give a tiny twinkle across the finish.

lemming cyberpunk 3lemming cyberpunk 5lemming cyberpunk

MLF Lacquer: Star Factory

  • Description: a blurple jelly with a blue/turquoise/purple color shifting shimmer and holographic microflakies
  • Inspiration: Nebulas, and stars that are made inside them
  • Price: $11
  • Cap: 190US/10UK

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is dense and crelly like, and easy to build. I mostly saw this as a strong blue with loads of depth. At extreme angles, I caught a purple shift.

mlf lacquer star factory 4mlf lacquer star factory 3mlf lacquer star factory 6

Night Owl Lacquer: Surreal Lights

  • Description: a black based multichrome that shifts green/teal/blue/purple/magenta with holo dust and crystal chameleon flakes that shift yellow/pink/green.
  • Inspiration: the science behind polar lights
  • Price: $13.00
  • Cap: None

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is jelly like with a bit of squish. Depending on how you polish, you may need a third coat. I found that polishing normally, two coats worked just fine for me. There’s quite a bit of a vampy shift the base with a lovely magenta at extreme angles, with purple being the primary shift color from a deep green. The flakes are strong against the base, and offer their own iridescent color roll.

night owl surreal lights 3night owl surreal lights 2night owl surreal lights

Pahlish: Synapse to Synapse

  • Description: a neon teal with bright pink to soft copper glow
  • Inspiration: mysteries of the brain and neuroscience
  • Price: $13.00
  • Cap: None

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is smooth and crelly like with a bit of squish during application. The shimmer is dominantly a pink glow with a bit of a copper shift at extreme angles.

pahlish synapse to synapse 3pahlish synapse to synapse 5pahlish synapse to synapse

Penelope Luz: Crazy Ricky

  • Description: a baby blue with iridescent flakes and a bit of multicolored flakes
  • Inspiration: Rick from Rick and Morty
  • Price: $13.00
  • Cap: None

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is crelly like with a strong squish factor. The flakes come up easily and give a dense effect in the final look.

penelope luz crazy ricky 3penelope luz crazy ricky 5penelope luz crazy ricky

Poetry Cowgirl Polish: A Good Day for a Rocket Launch

  • Description: a sky blue crelly with red, white, and blue glitters and gold shimmer
  • Inspiration: a selfie taken at the Kennedy Space Center for the SpaceX launch
  • Price: $11
  • Cap: None

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is crelly like with a strong squish factor here too. I had no problems with the glitters, and you’ll get a dense amount during application. This is a touch thirsty for topcoat, so I’d suggest a glitter smoother or a good glossy one.

poetry cowgirl a good day for a rocket launch 3poetry cowgirl a good day for a rocket launch 5poetry cowgirl a good day for a rocket launch

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited: Science is the Best

  • Description: a gun metal gray holographic base loaded with holographic micro flakies, and a custom mix of 5 crystal chameleon flakies
  • Inspiration: The Big Bang Theory
  • Price: $12
  • Cap: 150US/10UK

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula has a squish to it and builds up quickly. Depending on your polishing style you might go for three coats. There’s a ton of sparkle from the holo base, and the flakes really pop against the grey.

pretty beautiful unlimited science is the best 3pretty beautiful unlimited science is the best 5pretty beautiful unlimited science is the best

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited: Wax Sampler (7oz)

  • Description: a 15 scent wax melt sampler in the theme Penny Blossoms
    • Scents include: Acai Blossoms, Aloha, Apple Harvest, Best Friends, Blueberry Cheesecake, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chai Latte, Chai Tea, Cherry Cheesecake, Green Apple, Lemon Cheesecake, Nappa Valley, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake & Wild Berry Cheesecake.
  • Inspiration: the wonderful science and geeky world of The Big Bang Theory
  • Price: $8
  • Cap: 180US/20UK

I love these samplers so hard. They’re fun and always a little bit of everything. This month’s bag includes an adorable microscope charm. My favorite melts from this bag are the cheesecake blends, they’re so good.

pretty beautiful unlimited wax

Supernatural Lacquer: The Incredible Pants

  • Description: a royal purple crelly with a green/blue/violet/red mix of multichrome and color shifting shimmer.
  • Inspiration: the fact that the real weird science is not how gamma radiation turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk, but how those pants manage to survive the transformation
  • Price: $12
  • Cap: None

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is jelly like, but smooth and juicy on application. The shimmer is very strong and mostly appears as a green/blue with an easy shift to a violet/red at very extreme angles. I’d suggest a glossy topcoat for maximum juicy-ness.

supernatural the incredible pants 4supernatural the incredible pants 6supernatural the incredible pants 3supernatural the incredible pants

Polish Pickup should be opening soon for wishlisting, and the shop will go live August 7th at 10am eastern time, through August 10th at 11:59pm eastern. Be sure to check out my mega-massive-huge video for this month to see all of these live swatched!

Thanks so much for reading! ā¤