PRESS SAMPLE: these were sent to me for review

Hello lovely readers! I feel like I’ve been so quiet this week. School has started for my kiddo and myself and with the adjustment to hybrid courses and my own personal research, we’re trying to find our groove! BUT! I have so much to show you all over this next week. Seriously. In this post I have new to the blog and channel Dam Nail Polish’s newest collection. I have been insanely curious about this brand and have been meaning to try them out, so I’m excited to be able to offer up a full review! The Petal to the Metal trio consists of three solars (color change when exposed to sunlight or LED lamp).

In lieu of repeating myself, all three have identical formulas. They are very crelly like and super smooth on application with a touch of squish to the brush strokes. If you’re familiar with how gel cremes apply, this is like that- ultra smooth with a bit of squish but lovely plump buildup. They all dry down quite flat, so I’d suggest a glossy topcoat to really maximize that gorgeous plump effect on your nail. All three were crazy reactive to color change. If you’re unfamiliar with solar polishes, they react to sunlight! Indoors you will see that lovely milky white base, and in sunlight (or an LED lamp) that lovely pop of color will transition over.

If You Lily Knew Me: a white to purple solar

dam polish if you lily knew me 3dam polish if you lily knew me 4dam polish if you lily knew me 6

What In Carnation: a white to pink solar

dam polish what in carnation 3dam polish what in carnation 6dam polish what in carnation 4

My Own Worst Anemone: a white to blue solar

dam polish what in carnation 3dam polish my own worst anemone 4dam polish my own worst anemone 7

These are currently available, as of today! They are $9.50 each or $27 for the trio. Be sure to check out my swatch video to see these in action!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤