PRESS SAMPLE: these were sent to me for an honest review


Hello lovely readers! I’m back with a new collection from the lovely Quixotic Polish! These consist of four striking shimmers, a flakey crelly and a flakey topper. They launched last night, so let’s take a peek at these pretties!


Beyond the Sea: A delicate aqua base packed with a stunning magenta to gold to green shifting shimmer $12


Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is crelly like with a bit of squish on the brush strokes. I think three thin coats make the shimmer pop best, but if you’ve got shorties you might get away with two coats. There’s a touch of my VNL showing in my swatches, but I don’t think it was noticeable in person (remember, I swatch in very bright lights so you can see all the details). There’s so much glow here, and at angles you can easily see a gold and green shift.


quixotic beyond the sea 3quixotic beyond the sea 2quixotic beyond the sea 5


Morning Glory: A royal purple pastel multichrome that shifts pink to purple to deep hues of blue $12


Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is creamy and smooth on application. I think some can get away with two coats, but I really like three thin coats to maximize all that depth and shift. This one is intense and shifts so easily in person. Most of these I pulled my hand away from my lighting area to marvel at their glowiness. At angles you’ll easily see a strong hue and purple shift, with almost gold at the extremest angles.


quixotic morning glory 4quixotic morning glory 3quixotic morning glory 6


Volatile: A stunning creamy indigo base packed with a vibrant gold to green to blue shifting shimmer $12


Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is crelly like, with a lot of squish to the brush strokes. If you polish heavy handed, you might see some streaking. The dry time is quick, so just allow your brush to glide over your nails and allow it to self level to minimize streaks. This is SO glowy too, with a gorgeous green and blue shift at angles.


quixotic volatile 3quixotic volatile 2quixotic volatile 5


First Love: A sweet light pink shimmer that shifts shades of cyan to magenta to gold. It is intentionally sheer to let the vibrance of the shimmer show through. Looks great as a topper over lighter colors as well as pairs well with Mylar Confetti. $12


Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is crelly like with a squish factor. This is another crazy glowy pink-pearl like shade. You’ll a gorgeous shift between blue, magenta and gold at extreme angles. I can see this looking fantastic over lighter color, but just look at it on its own.


quixotic first love 3quixotic first love 2quixotic first love 5


Mylar Confetti: A sheer purple tinted base filled with a delicate sprinkling of red/orange aurora shimmer and a heavy helping orange to gold to green iridescent flakies. Best used as a topper or can be worn alone. $8


Swatches show two coats alone. I went in light on the first coat, then used what we’ve dubbed as the ‘icing method’ from one of my YouTube subscribers. Basically, bead it up against your cuticles and then spread it across your nails. The flakes are incredible. It looks like shredded nail foil on your nail without all that work. There’s a lovely subtle red glow from the aurora shimmer, but those flakes take center stage. No texture or anything like that.


quixotic mylar confetti 3quixotic mylar confetti 2quixotic mylar confetti 5


Uncut Gems: A dusky greyed-out teal absolutely packed with orange to gold to green iridescent flakes $13


Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is creamy and smooth and self levels well. I think most will be fine at two coats, but if you’re rocking longer nails or stilettos, you might need a third thin coat. The flakes are very strong and easily shift between oranges, golds, and green. No issues with texture.


quixotic uncut gems 3quixotic uncut gems 2quixotic uncut gems 5


These are currently up for pre-order. You can purchase the colors individually or purchase the whole collection at the price of $65 for a savings of $4. Be sure to check out my swatch video to see these in action!

Thanks so much for reading!