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Hello lovely readers! It’s that time again, and this month’s Polish Pickup is themed All Hallow’s Eve, or Halloweeeeen. Super exciting. This month I have loads to share, and we’ve got a lot of spooky inspirations and vampy shades to check out so let’s dive right in!

Alchemy Lacquer: Blood Moon

  • Description: a navy base with pink/red/purple/orange shifting transparent flakes, turquoise holographic glitter, holographic flakes and turquoise/purple flakes
  • Inspiration: a total lunar eclipse
  • Price: $11.50
  • Cap: 150US/10UK

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula applies jelly like and builds up easily. I think three thin coats showcase the flakes the best. I’d suggest a glossy topcoat to make them pop well too.

alchemy lacquer blood moon 3alchemy lacquer blood moon 2alchemy lacquer blood moon 5

Apipila: Red 7

  • Description: a cool to red that can be used for stamping or regular polish
  • Inspiration:
  • Price: $10
  • Cap: 300US/20UK

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula leans just at touch jelly like but builds up quickly. This has a smooth feel to the brush strokes, and given that it builds up to a cool toned red, I’d suggest two light coats to plump it out.

I also stamped with it on my index finger (shown below). I found that stamped over black it came out subtle and subdued. I think this will look best over medium and light base colors, and it stamps very easy with crisp images.

apipila red 7 7apipila red 7 9

Apipila: Nail Stamping Topcoat

  • Description: a water based topcoat that protects stamped images and nail art. Apply if over your nail art, and then finish off with any topcoat of your choosing. It essentially creates a barrier between your topcoat and polish/nail art so smudging or bleeding do not occur. Since it’s water based, it also works very well for holographic polishes to preserve their holo effect and burnishing powders.
  • Price: $13
  • Cap: 300US/20UK

This type of water based topcoat is perfect for preserving holographic finishes in linear holos and preventing bleed-through in nail art. A lot of times when you are using, say, a white stamp over a red base (shown below), you’ll get a bleed through effect where your white stamp will appear pink when dried. This will prevent that, and it absolutely does not smear stamping. It seals in your nail art from smearing and protects against your polish layers melding together. Use it over your mani and then finish off with your favorite topcoat (I’d suggest a quick dry) and you’ll be good to go.

apipila red 7 6apipila red 7 2

Baroness X: Zombified (fluid art polish)

  • Description: a navy jelly multichrome based fluid art polish, the multichrome shifts from teal green/blue/violet and burgundy on the far end of the shift
  • Inspiration: the skin of living dead zombies
  • Price: $11.50
  • Cap: 360US/25UK

For this month’s fluid art look, I made one giant decal and cut it into strips to fit my nails. My swatch video has a full tutorial on how I did these. I love how you can see a very strong shimmery multichrome effect with a dominant green to violet shift.

baroness x zombified 3baroness x zombified 2baroness x zombified 5

Baroness X: Acetone Antidote in the Scent Caramel Apple Crisp

  • Description: Scent notes: Caramel Apple Crisp – it’s a melange of crunchy apples, baked apples, gooey caramel, cinnamon and slight hints of nuts, brown sugar and oats. This month’s AA may come in frosted brown, shiny brown or clear glass bottles
    • How does it work? Acetone Antidote is an additive for your acetone to protect your skin from the harshness of acetone. It contains glycerin and jojoba oil to help protect and moisturize your nails, skin, and cuticles during polish removal. Plus, no more ashy, dry skin! Shake the vial and add the full bottle (.5oz) to 6-8oz of acetone. You can add the vial to more or less (down to 4oz of acetone per vial). These are just suggestions for optimal scent and protection from acetone, the ratio can vary due to personal preference.
  • Price: $4.25
  • Cap: None

This month’s acetone antidote smells so delightful! I hope we see it in other Baroness X products (her Fox Fire line) in lotions and stuff. I get a strong, very pleasant caramel scent with the nutty notes in the middle and the apple at the bottle. It’s so yummy and I’ve been dying for a caramel apple covered in nuts!

baroness x aa

Blush Lacquers: Corn Maze

  • Description: a light tan nail polish with yellow tones, gold flake and holographic micro flakes.
  • Inspiration: The Fall tradition of walking through a corn maze.
  • Price: $11.50
  • Cap: None

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is crelly like with a bit of squish and super smooth on the brush strokes. I’d suggest three light coats for build up to maximize the flakie effect.

blush corn maze 3blush corn maze 2blush corn maze 5

By Dany Vianna: Samhain

  • Description: an orange/brown jelly base with aurora shimmer
  • Inspiration: origin of Halloween
  • Price: $12
  • Cap: 280US/20UK

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is ultra glossy on the brush strokes and pops like crazy with the aurora shimmer at three coats. At extreme angles you can see a touch of a green shift. This is a really unique base color, and has a burnt orange look with a brown lean. I’d suggest a glossy topcoat to plump it out.

by dany vianna samhain 3by dany vianna samhain 2by dany vianna samhain 5

By Dany Vianna: Traveling Witches

  • Description: a thermal topper that goes from clear to black with a mix of green, copper and purple microflakes
  • Inspiration: traveling witches on glittering brooms
  • Price: $11.50
  • Cap: 280US/20UK

Swatches show one coat over an orange creme and topped off with topcoat. Formula is crelly and squishy like and very reactive to temperature. You can definitely wear this alone, as the warm (clear) state has a touch of a very subtle milky effect. I’m in the South so things are still very hot here, therefor the cold state looks a touch gray in my swatches. When cold, it’s definitely a black state.

by dany vianna traveling witches 4by dany vianna traveling witches 2by dany vianna traveling witches 5

Cameo Colours Lacquers: FEED ME!

  • Description: A green/silver/fuchsia ultrachrome base chock full of holo sparkle, red-bronze-copper, blue-violet-copper, and violet-blue-green UCC flakes, a dash of gold metallic micro flakes, and silver holo micro flakes
  • Inspiration: Little Shop of Horrors
  • Price: $12
  • Cap: 100 bottles (95 US/5 UK)

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is dense and crelly like. I think opacity can be reached between 2-3 coats depending on how you polish. In indoor lighting you’ll mostly see a silvery green color. I thought that the purple shift is subtle in person and pops at very extreme angles. I’d suggest a glossy topcoat to finish off.

cameo colours feed me 3cameo colours feed me 2cameo colours feed me 5

Crystal Knockout: Stingy Jack

  • Description: bright orange filled with multichrome flakes in green, purple, and copper
  • Inspiration: Jack-o-lanterns
  • Price: $11
  • Cap: None

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is dense, buttery and very smooth. This is almost a one coater, but I’d suggest two thin coats. The base color is not neon, but still very vibrant and bright in person. I’d describe it as a pumpkin/squash type of orange.

crystal knockout stingy jack 3crystal knockout stingy jack 2crystal knockout stingy jack 5

Cupcake Polish: How Do You Like Meow

  • Description: a black one coater linear holo (can also be used for stamping)
  • Inspiration: Black cats
  • Price: $13
  • Cap: None

Swatches show two very thin coats with topcoat. Formula is rich, buttery, dense, and smooth on the brush strokes. You can definitely get away with one coat. There’s loads of rainbows from the holo here.

cupcake how do you like meow 3cupcake how do you like meow 2cupcake how do you like meow 5

Cuticula: Nightmare Moon

  • Description: a burgundy/plum base with purple metallic flakes, various shifting iridescent flakes, blue shimmer, green sparks, and platinum silver flakes
  • Inspiration: Nightmare Moon from My Little Pony
  • Price: $12.50
  • Cap: None

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is crelly like and dense on application. I think 2-3 coats will be perfect, but if you go to three coats you’ll really get that plum like color to darken out. This dries down very flat, so I’d suggest a glossy topcoat.

cuticula nightmare moon 3cuticula nightmare moon 2cuticula nightmare moon 5

Cuticula: Confection Nail Fortifier Duo

  • Description: two 0.5 ounce jars of confection in the scents Poison Apple and Campfire Delights. Confection Nail Fortifier is a light-medium in thickness cuticle cream that helps the cuticles and nails stay hydrated and healthy.
    • Point Apple scent: Sweet, juicy apples with a hint of spice and a slight bubbly effervescence
    • Campfire Delights scent: Luscious top notes of berry jelly and sweet buttercream. Middle notes of Dark Chocolate, Fluffy Marshmallow, cinnamon and Graham Cracker with yummy bottom notes of Tonka Bean, Vanilla Cream
  • Inspiration: Fall scents
  • Price: $13
  • Cap: None

This type of cuticle cream is light, but sinks in easily. I like to dab on to my cuticles and rub in, and underneath my free edge to moisturize my skin and nails (you want your nails to have a bend to them so they don’t snap if you have a free edge). Both scents are awesome, and I even really enjoyed the apple scent (as someone who usually doesn’t go for apple smells). It’s a crisp, fresh type of apple with a touch of spice in the undertones. The Campfire Delights is my favorite as it smells sweet and totally like a s’more.

cuticula 2cuticula

Fair Maiden Polish: Halloween is MEOWgical

  • Description: a cool toned rosy pink with red/golden/green shimmer and holographic sparkle
  • Inspiration: Pusheen the cat Halloween image
  • Price: $11
  • Cap: None

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is jelly like and light but builds up easily. The shimmer is very strong, which warms up that cool, rosy base. In indoor lights you’ll easily see a vibrant copper glow, and at angles the gold and green easy come out.

fair maiden halloween is meowgical 3fair maiden halloween is meowgical 2fair maiden halloween is meowgical 5

Femme Fatale: Green Witch

  • Description: A sheer purple base with stunning green-blue-purple shifting shimmer, and silver holographic microglitters in various sizes along with accent olive green microglitters
  • Inspiration: an image of a witch in a dusky green field
  • Price: $14
  • Cap: None

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is crelly like, dense, but smooth on the nails. I’d suggest three thinner coats to maximize the shimmer and glitter. It does dry down flat and a touch thirsty so I’d suggest a good glossy topcoat to smooth it out.

femme fatale green witch 3femme fatale green witch 2femme fatale green witch 5

Glisten & Glow: Monster Mash

  • Description: a vampy, deep purple polish loaded with vibrant and glowing copper shimmer
  • Inspiration: Monster Mash (it was a graveyard smash) was inspired by the beloved Halloween hit by Bobby “Boris” Pickett in 1962
  • Price: $12.50
  • Cap: 350US/15UK

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is crelly like and smooth on application. I’d suggest three thinner coats to vamp this one out and make it pop with an almost black lean. This dries down flat, so I’d suggest a glossy topcoat.

glisten and glow monster mash 3glisten and glow monster mash 2glisten and glow monster mash 5

Glisten & Glow: Glitter Grabber and Topcoat Duo

  • Description:
    • Glitter Grabber is an amazing new product that gets applied after any glitter or flakie dense manicure is done and it’s fully dry and before your top coat. It aids in creating a smoother surface for your top coat or matte top coat all while “grabbing” that extra texture!
      • Directions: After you have applied your glitter or flakie polish and have fully let it dry, you add a nice layer of Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber on top. It’s a shiny formula upon application and will add that extra layer of protection and smoothing action to that texture. Allow to fully dry and then add your glossy or matte top coat! It works at grabbing that extra texture that glitter or flakies can have
    • Topcoat: an award winning fast dry glossy top coat. Benefits include: 2-4 minutes or less and your nails will dry, durable, long lasting with days or weeks of no tip wear, or chipping! Crystal clear, shiny, glossy “wet/gel like” appearance, seals and evens glitters and flakie polishes, non smearing for stamping manis, and glows under black light.
  • Price: $13
  • Cap: 160US/10UK

I chose one of the most textured type of polishes for this review. I’m using Zoya’s Imogen with is a super chonky type of glitter. Apply your glitters or flakes normally, then top off with the glitter grabber. It’ll act as a foundation to smooth out your polish. Let it dry down a few minutes and then finish off with the glossy topcoat. I’ve been using this glossy topcoat for months now and it doesn’t smear stamps, dries quickly and is super glossy. This glossy topcoat is also what you’re seeing in this entire post.

glisten and glow duoglisten and glow duo 7

MLF Lacquer: Trick or Treat

  • Description: a white crelly with purple and orange holographic glitters, matte neon green glitters, black shredded holographic glitters, and silver holographic microglitters.
  • Inspiration: Halloween Candy
  • Price: $11
  • Cap: 190US/10UK

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is dense and crelly like, and super smooth on the brush strokes with a squishy factor. I had no problems getting loads of the glitters on my nails during application. This does dry down flat, so again I’d suggest a glossy topcoat.

mlf lacquer trick or treat 3mlf lacquer trick or treat 2mlf lacquer trick or treat 5

Night Owl Lacquer: Let Your Fears Take Flight

  • Description: a dark grey crelly filled with orange/bronze/gold/green and aqua/green crystal flakes and a sprinkle of holo dust.
  • Inspiration: A spooky Halloween Picture
  • Price: $13
  • Cap: None

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is jelly like but builds up quickly to opacity. I had no issues getting the flakes on my nails from the bottle, you’ll easily get a dense scatter of them on your nails.

night owl let your fears take flight 3night owl let your fears take flightnight owl let your fears take flight 5

Pahlish: The Big Boo

  • Description:  sheer holographic indigo base packed with electric blue flakes and microshimmer
  • Inspiration: The Big Boo from Super Mario World
  • Price: $13
  • Cap: None

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is jelly like and builds up quickly. It starts off sheer on the first coat, but the flakes build up to opacity easily. I think going in for three coats will make the glow factor pop the best. My swatches are leaning just the slightest bit bright, but please note in person it’s still very luminous. (Also inspired by the best video game, EVER).

pahlish the big boo 3pahlish the big boo 2pahlish the big boo 5

Penelope Luz: Moon Spells

  • Description: a dark blue base with iridescent flakes in purple, turquoise and orange with holographic glitters
  • Inspiration: the importance of the moon for Halloween rituals
  • Price: $13
  • Cap: None

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is jelly like with a touch of squish. I think this can be worn at two coats, but the third coat really brings out the plethora of flakes and sparkle. I’d suggest a good glossy topcoat to seal it up.

penelope luz moon spells 3penelope luz moon spells 2penelope luz moon spells 5

Penelope Luz: Moisturizing Cuticle Cream

  • Description: an intense cuticle cream that contains tea tree oil and clove oil to prevent fungus and moisturize cuticle/hands
  • Price: $11.50
  • Cap: 100US/20UK

This cuticle moisturizer is thicker, almost balm like. It soaks into your skin with a matting effect. The smell is pleasant and light, and since there’s not really a scent, you’ll lightly pick up the clove and tea tree oil for a somewhat spiced scent. I’d classify this as a heavier type of cuticle balm. Overall I really like it, and found that when pooled against deep set cuticles like mine, it created a barrier during all of this hand washing.

penelope luz cuticle cream 2penelope luz cuticle cream

Poetry Cowgirl Polish: We’re Not All Witches

  • Description: A spring green shimmer with strong gold-green-blue shift
  • Inspiration: a selfie of the maker and coworkers in Salem, MA dressed up for Halloween circa 2007
  • Price: $11
  • Cap: None

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula is jelly like, and smooth with a touch of squish. In indoor light this mostly appears like my swatches, with an olive type of undertone with the shimmer taking on a gold/green effect. There’s a blue shift, but at very extreme angles and on the subtle side in my opinion.

poetry cowgirl were not all witches 3poetry cowgirl were not all witches 2poetry cowgirl were not all witches 5

Whatcha: Smiley Jack

  • Description: a jelly base with crystal flakes and chrome flakes in red/copper/gold/green and gold glitter
  • Inspiration: Jack-o-lantern wallpaper
  • Price: $13
  • Cap: 200US/20UK

Swatches show three coats with topcoat. Formula applies glossy like and similar to a rich jelly. I think this could also be worn at two coats, but that third coat really maximizes the plumpness and flakes. There’s a scattered sparkle from the glitters and I think a good glossy topcoat will plump this out very well.

whatcha smiley jack 3whatcha smiley jack 2whatcha smiley jack 5

Whatcha: Top Glitter topcoat

  • Description: a glitter/flakie leveling topcoat. Use it over any stubborn texture, allow it to dry down for a few minutes and finish off with your favorite topcoat.
  • Price: $10
  • Cap: 80US/20UK

This topcoat can be used in tandem with any other topcoat (quick dry, glossy, matte). Apply one coat over your chunky glitter or flaky polish and allow it to dry for a few minutes. You’ll notice a sort of foggy effect when it sets, and then finish off with your topcoat of choice. I wore it over Smiley Jack since it dries down so flat, and then finished off with Glisten & Glow’s glossy topcoat, and it was smooth and plump and so very sparkly.

whatcha top glitter 2whatcha top glitter

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Thanks so much for reading! ❤