PRESS SAMPLE: these were sent to me for an honest review

Hello again lovely readers! WOO! We’ve had quite the week for posts from me. I think I’m wrapping up Black Friday posts today (checks to do pile). I have a few more posts planned for the upcoming weekend (including December PPU, which trust me is my biggest post to date) but your girls gotta start baking for Thanksgiving today! Last but certainly not least, because she’s having a fantastic release and sale too, is Baroness X! We have two new collections releasing tonight along with quite a bit of sales info that I’ll have at the end of the post. Let’s take a peek!

Griswald Family Xmas Collection ($28 for the set)

She Wrapped Up Her Damn Cat: an orchid leaning light pink with blue to violet shimmer, holo and blue microflakies (free with purchase of the trio, limited to the first 25 full sets sold)

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is rich, plump, and self leveling. I really can’t see many needing a third coat. This dries down semi-flat so I’d suggest a glossy topcoat.

Xmas 1955: a glitter blend a vintage Xmas, red, pink, green, blue and snow glitters with silver microflakies – one coat as a topper or build it up to full coverage $10

Swatches show one coats over an off-white cream. This gives off loads of glitters from your first coat, and reminds me of vintage wrapping paper.

‘Tis the Season to be Merry: a red jelly with red metallic microflakies and metallic gold shimmer added for warmth – opaque in 2 coats $11

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is jelly like, but rich and juicy on application. It dries down semi-flat, but I think a glossy topcoat gives off that true Christmassy red juicy effect.

If You’re Not Man Enough to Put and End to This Sh*t, Than I Am!: a medium to dark grey base packed with bronze microflakies – opaque in 2 coats $10

Swatches show two coats with topcoat. Formula is crelly like with a strong squish factor. Depending on how you polish, you may want a third thin coat. The flakes give off a scattered, strong reflective sparkle effect.

The 5 Elements – A magnetic OGUP + Sisters collection (All pigments have been discontinued so these are LE)

Swatches show one coat over a black cream and topped with Baroness X Liquid Crystal topcoat. Formula on all five toppers are very dense and squishy and you’ll get loads of pigment. These are difficult to photograph as Unicorn Pee and her sisters are fine particle but super shifty. They’re intense, and easy color roll through their respective shades. The silver magnetic pigment is awesome too, as it’s very strong against the shimmer bases. I chose to wear these against a black base to help make their shimmers obvious for the camera.

I wanted to note, that with Liquid Crystal topcoat I found something very interesting with it. This is my third bottle of it, and it’s consistently done this trick over the last year for me with magnetics. I usually magnetize the polish itself, then magnetize the Liquid Crystal to seal in the design. I’ve noticed that when I blow on the topcoat to speed along the process, it does this wrinkle effect and then snaps back to its normal glossy effect when I stop. I think this helps to freeze the drying process and sealing in your design. It’s interesting, and I really like the thinner constistency of Liquid Crystal for jelly and magnetic designs for easy of use and decrease in shrinkage. I figured it was worth noting that I’ve been using this little ‘wrinkle trick’ for awhile now.

(fire) – topper with a double dose of OGUP (copper red / yellow / green shifts) with magnetic silver pigment and a sprinkle of holo microflakies $17

Geo (earth) –  topper with a double dose of yellow/green/blue UP sister pigment with magnetic silver pigment and a sprinkle of holo microflakies $16

Hydro (water) – topper with a double dose of turquoise/blue UP sister pigment with magnetic silver pigment and a sprinkle of holo microflakies $16

Aer (air) – topper with a double dose of blue/indigo UP sister pigment with magnetic silver pigment and a sprinkle of holo microflakies $16

Aithir (ether) –  topper with a double dose of OGUP and all the UP sister pigment colors in microflakie form with magnetic silver pigment and a sprinkle of holo microflakies $17

Black Friday Sale Info:

  • The 5 Elements collection as a set will be $75 ($13 savings) until December 5th.
  • Griswald Family Xmas collection $28 including the free polish
  • 4 new metallic fluid art polishes
  • Fluid art polishes will be marked down. Choose 3 for $28, or 2 for $20.
  • Rainbow Connection UK Fluid Art polish overpours available
  • New top coats and base coats available + a set of 3 minis, you choose which top coats and/or base coats you want to try out, $8.
  • Acetone Antidote holiday sale, 20 scents to choose from.
  • All other polishes in the shop will be marked down 25%, no code needed.
  • Free gift with purchase on all orders over $50 (including shipping!)
  • $5 off all orders over $100, use the code BXBF5
  • Demiflux items on the Baroness X site will have limited edition, one of a kind pieces in earrings, resins, pendants, and overstock of IPU creations
  • Foxfire on Baroness X’s site (her bath and body stuff): soaps will be marked down, sugared baubles restocked, and mani/pedi bath powder restocked
  • Multiple orders will be combined. If you order something that states it’s a preorder along with non-preorder stuff just email if you’d like them all to ship at the same time.

The sale and new releases will launch November 25th at 6pm Pacific time! The sale will run until December 5th. I can’t recommend this brand enough if you’re looking for body care too, her oils, acetone antidotes, lotions, all of it- they’re fantastic so take advantage of the sales! Be sure to check out my swatch video to see these in action!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤