**This post is sponsored by Live Love Polish**

Hello again lovely readers! I’m going to leave you all with one more post today. I have Live Love Polish’s newest quad, which features four lovely pastel style magnetic polishes.

All polishes have a rich and dense feel during application and I’d suggest two coats for opacity. They build up quickly. In this post I am using their double ended magnetic wand which has a small circular side that repels the magnetic pigment and a rectangular side that pulls the magnetic pigments towards it. Each polish is also topped off with their quick dry glossy topcoat and leaves a super glossy finish with a fast dry down time.

I held the magnet over my nails for roughly 20-30 seconds. When I topcoated, I also magnetized and gently blew on my nails to speed up the process and have the topcoat ‘freeze’ the design on my nails. This part is important to prevent any dispersal of pigment after it dries down. You can see the full process on my swatch video 🙂

Ethereal Chill– a cool silver magnetic polish with a bright white-silver magnetic shift and holographic glitters.

Faerie Glow– a sandy gold magnetic polish with a light gold magnetic shift and holographic glitter.

Crystal Rose– a rosy pink magnetic polish with a light pink magnetic shift and holographic glitter.

Frozen Mist– a blue magnetic polish with a light blue-silver magnetic shift and holographic glitter.

The Mystic Echoes are currently available! Be sure to check out my swatch video to see them in action!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤