PRESS SAMPLE: these were sent to me for an honest review

Hello again lovely readers! I’m wrapping up today with new things from Baroness X. We have two complementary trios, a new magnetic polish and a new base coat! Let’s take a peek!

Each of the toppers are shown one coat over a black and white creme and topped with Baroness X’s new Hydromancy topcoat.

The fluid art versions are shown with a black creme, I have a tutorial of how to do this on my swatch video.

The toppers are very strong in shimmer, if you wear them over an undie I think one coat is perfect. They pop so well over a black base, but over white they are that perfect iridescent pearly effect.

Baroness X has also released two new topcoats. My swatches show Hydromancy, and she also has her Assimilation topcoat. I found that Assimilation performs very much like a traditional quick dry glossy topcoat, with just the slightest bit thinner formula (not as thin as Liquid Crystal however). Hydromancy totally has my heart though as it applied like a gel polish. It has a very squishy, plumping feel during application and leaves you very glossy. Highly recommend checking them out.

Incantation: over black (green/blue/purple) over white (pink/copper/gold)

Hex: over black (violet pink/copper/gold/green) over white (green/blue/purple)

Crystal Ball: over black (peachy gold/green/blue) over white (blue/violet/copper)

Scrying Mirror: a silver magnetic topper with holo microflakies

Swatches show one coat magnetized over a black creme. It was very reactive to a magnet, and gives off strong galaxy vibes.

We also have a new base coat! Spellbound Base coat is a 3 in 1 base coat that acts as a primer, ridge filler, and protector. This is what I was wearing in my HHC post featuring the Femme Fatale. When built up to three thin coats it’s a perfect milky white base. I love this. Shown below is one coat. It absolutely dries down matte with a bit of a sticky feel that I think will work well to adhere your polishes to.

You can grab the regular shimmers (including Scrying Mirror) for $44, or the fluid art versions (all three) for $32. All of these are available individually too. Be sure to check out my swatch video to see them in action!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤