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Hello lovely readers!! I’m back with a massive post to show you all! Femme Fatale has the next installment to their Enchanted Fables series. If you’re new to the brand, these are typically larger sets inspired by various fables written by various authors and versions of classic fairy tales. Per usual we have a gorgeous mix of finishes. The full collection is 27 polishes in total, two of them being free with purchase of the full collection. I also have February’s FOTM and COTM at the end of the post. Let’s take a peek!

All polishes are shown between 2-3 coats with a glossy topcoat. Those with glitters are shown with a glitter smoothing topcoat in addition to a glossy topcoat. I had no issues with any of them, and the thermals were very sensitive to temperature and easy to shift between their warm and cold states. All of the polishes in this collection dried down to a flat finish, so I’d suggest a glossy topcoat for all of them. Those with glitters had a bit of texture, so I’d strongly suggest a glitter smoothing topcoat for those.

B’Loon: a rich, velvety red with a subtle color shift to copper and gold. Inspired by Winnie the Pooh.

Bearskin Mantle: a tri-thermal with states of gold (hot), orange (warm) and black (cold), overlaid with a jewel toned green pigment. Inspired by Snow White and Rose Red.

Black Blood of the Sea Witch: a dark blue sheer jelly packed with shifting foil flecks that shift from pink/copper/golden green at angles. Inspired by the sea witch from The Little Mermaid.

Black Cauldron: a glimmering foil type finish of a glowing green shimmer that shifts to a cooler blue, then purple at angles. Inspired by The Black Cauldron.

Cursed Spindle: an army green with a shimmering golden finish. Inspired by Little Brier-Rose.

Enchanted Beans: a thermal with states of pale green (warm) to deep blue (cold). Inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk.

Fairy Dust: a tri-thermal with states of bright pink (hot), magenta (warm), and purple (cold) overlaid with a bright sparkling blue glassfleck shimmer. Inspired by the magical duel between fairy godmothers in Sleeping Beauty.

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole: a midnight blue jelly base packed with turquoise microflakes. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Firefly Ring: a thermal that shifts from pale green (hot) to purple (cold) with pink shimmer. Inspired by Robin Hood.

Gift of Wings: a thermal with states of rose pink (hot) and coral-apricot (cold) with violet pigment. Inspired by Thumbelina.

Glass Slipper: a sheer jelly sky blue base packed with luminescent purple glass flecks. Inspired by Cinderella.

Golden Egg: a vibrant juicy orange with strong green/gold sheen. Inspired by The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg.

Great Star in the Sky: a bright blue jelly base packed with turquoise microflakes in fine particles. Inspired by Atlantis.

Magic Mirror: a soft subtle robin egg blue that leans slightly green with luminescent violet pigment. Inspired by the evil Queen’s mirror in Little Snow White.

Magic Wand: a thermal with states of soft orchid pink (hot) and soft violet purple (cold) with a subtle green/teal shifting shimmer. Inspired by the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella.

Magician’s Fife: a thermal with states of gold (warm) and deep blue (cold) with jewel-toned green pigment. Inspired by the Pied Piper tale.

Mist Ablaze: a bright glimmering coral orange packed full of blue/purple shifting glass flecks. Inspired by Juniper Tree.

Queen’s Cordial: a sheer bright violet with red/gold/green unicorn pee type pigment. Inspired by Lucy’s cordial healing potion from the Narnia Chronicles.

Rover Bellflower: a rich, luxurious purple with green/purple shifting shimmer. Inspired by Rapunzel.

Ruby Slippers: a classic shimmers red packed with ruby microflakes in superfine size. Inspired by The Wizard of Oz.

Sorcerer’s Hat: a thermal with states of taupe pink (hot), murky teal (cold) with rose gold shimmer. Inspired by Fantasia.

Sugar Plum Fairy Droplets: a thermal with states of light orchid pink (hot) and deep violet (cold) with golden copper shimmer. Inspired by Fantasia.

The Enchanted Rose: a thermal with states of bright red (hot) and black (cold) with jewel tone purple shimmer. Inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

The Golden Ball: a liquid golden chartreuse foil with a soft copper/golden glow. Inspired by the Frog Prince.

Twilight Bark: a thermal with states of dusky muted rose (hot) and deep murky blue (cold) with soft copperish shimmer that shifts gold and copper. Inspired by 101 Dalmations.

-Free Gifts with Purchase of the Full Set of The Enchanted Fables-

Awoken by a Kiss: A bright royal purple with red-gold-green unicorn pee type pigment and a scattering of silver holographic glitters in various sizes.

Under a Spell: A magenta base overlaid with a golden shifting chrome sheen, that twists the overall color into a brown with a lovely golden flash. Within are holographic particles and a scattering of golden holographic glitters in various sizes.


Jewelmist– A sheer blue jelly with pink/blue iridescent glitters, pale pink holographic glitters, and crystalline blue/violet iridescent flakes.

  • From Sophie: The light blue awareness ribbon is used for several meaningful causes in men’s health, childhood cancer and prostate cancer. We’ve chosen to make the February COTM donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. The PCFA promotes and funds prostate cancer research; implements awareness and education within the Australian community and health professionals; and supports men and their families who are affected by prostate cancer. You can donate directly here
  • We will be donating $2 per bottle of direct sales; and $1 per bottle of wholesale sales to the PCFA.


Marrakesh– An orange (warm) to brown (cold) thermal filled with matte orange-red glitters in assorted sizes. Will not be available through stockists. The Fiendling membership offered to our FB group members is 100% free, awards 50 reward points per renewal and gives members perks like the FOTM, samples and exclusives.

These will be available through pre-order February 1st at 9am AEST through February 5th. The preview should be up in a few days. Be sure to check out my massive swatch video to see all of these in action!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤