*PRESS SAMPLE: this was sent to me for an honest review*

Hello lovely readers! I am playing some massive catch up after the week of snow and ice. We didn’t have power or water and I’m so grateful to finally be back with both. Seriously, that first shower was amazing. I was planning on this post being my Valentine’s post but alas, here we are. What’s Up Nails sent me their Nail Care Starter Kit to review and I think for a better idea including how I file my nails, I’d suggest checking out my video. For blogging purposes, I have a few pretty pictures to show you all.

The cuticle oil and cuticle remover come in a very sturdy pen-like dispenser. You just twist a few times to get the product started on to a soft brush tip. I love these for my purse and the oil is already in mine šŸ™‚ The oil smells pleasant and clean, it’s subtle on scent so if you’re sensitive to scents this might work well for you.

The cuticle remover is gentle, and I left it on for roughly two minutes before using the pusher. I didn’t catch a scent with it.

The metal cuticle pusher is very sturdy and has an excellent weight to it with a solid feel. This is a great option if your skin is sensitive and you can use either side (depending on the width of your nails) to push back against your skin after soaking with the cuticle remover.

I can’t recommend glass files enough. If you’re just starting your nail journey this is essential to add to your arsenal of tools. This is what I consider on the medium to smaller side and would fit great in a purse, especially since it has a strong plastic cap on either end. It has a good grit to it and I was able to easily file my nails in length and shape using it. What’s Up Nails also has several other colors and styles if you’re looking to purchase one individually or get one for your nail desk without the cap on it.

All oiled and cleaned up! Full disclosure: I’ve been wearing a gel overlay on my nails the last two months. The cold and dry weather has given me many snags and breaks so that’s why my naked nails look like I’m wearing a topcoat.

Finally, I wanted to use a plate I purchased through What’s Up Nails a few months ago! This is the Everyday is Caturday stamping plate, it’s so stinking cute. What’s Up Nail’s plates have a clear protective coating across the plates so please keep that in mind if you order them. It’s so clear I didn’t think about it and I was so puzzled for a few minutes when I wasn’t getting an image to pull up šŸ˜›

I have a full review and tutorial on how I file and use the products in this box along with a quickie tutorial on the kitty nails. The gift box is $40 and you can also purchase the items individually too. The nail care box and all other goodies featured in this post are currently available.

Thanks so much for reading! ā¤