Hello lovely readers! It’s been a hot minute! I’m typing here, so you know what that means! Destash time!! I’m having a baby in 9 weeks!!! YES! NINE WEEKS! I can’t believe it myself! I need to make room you guys. Like, BAD. Swatching has taken a backseat with this pregnancy kicking my butt and these tubs and totes of nail polish need to GO, I need room for baby stuff haha.

This year is pretty similar, though this time I’m also offering up mystery boxes. These are SUPER cheap you guys. They’re polishes from over the years: a mix of press samples and my own personal purchases. I can’t keep all this around and I super need to make space for the new baby. Please note this destash is limited, and I will be donating what doesn’t sell in the next few weeks. I’m aiming for 3-4 weeks at the latest. Am I retiring fully? I’m not sure yet. I just know it’s hiatus time since swatching makes me feel faint and swells my feet (oh the joys of motherhood).

Per usual, I’ve got some rules. Please read this to know what to expect. This time my wonderful husband will be helping me answer emails and send invoices over the next few days so please be patient with him (us) while I am at work on the weekdays. We will go by email timestamps for fairness.



All polishes in this post are press samples (some are purchased by me too), so please note they have all been used for a four finger swatch. This is a pet friendly, smoke-free home. Your bottle will come cleaned and wiped down with alcohol, the neck will also be cleaned and your bottle will be shaken up to ensure they are ready for your use. Since I am still going through my personal collection, some of these are much older. These will also be cleaned and shaken up to the best of my ability.

  • USA addresses only at this time please. Make sure your address is correct on your Paypal account. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN PACKAGES. ONCE I HAVE DROPPED YOUR PACKAGE AT THE POST OFFICE IT IS NO LONGER MY RESPONSIBILITY.
  • I am accepting purchases through email only at this time. The last three years got a little hectic for me with multiple claimings through Facebook PMs, blog commenting, and emails so I want to ensure what you claim is available for you. I will go by time stamps on your email. Please include your Paypal email address so that I can invoice you.
    • My email is: thepolishedmage@hotmail.com
  • All polishes listed in this post (not including mystery box prices) are $8.
  • I pack your polishes in bubble wrap, and more bubble wrap. I have yet to have any break over the years of me doing this. If any arrive broken, you have 24 hours to email me a photo of the broken polish and I will refund you.
  • A lot of polishes are blogger batches that are not named. Some won’t have a label. I will note which ones have this.
  • Shipping is $4.75 for one polish, and 0.50 cents for every bottle thereafter. Those with larger orders may be eligible for priority boxes, at that time I will let you know the cost of the standard box I will use.
  • I do not accept holds for polishes. Invoices must be paid within 24 hours, otherwise I’ll go to the next request.
  • There are a few thermals in this destash, I do not guarantee that any still transition and in my preparation for this post, I have not checked if any still transition.
  • The polishes in this destash have been stored in a cool, dark area. Some are 1-4 years old so please peruse my blog search function or google to ensure that fading has not occurred. Bottle shots in this post have been taken over the last few days so they’re currently what the polish looks like. If I have noticed that excessive fading has occurred, I will note it. I may not catch all from memory as I upload pictures to this post, so please keep that in mind. I am not responsible for faded polishes as I have done my best to store these properly. This post does include oldies that I have cleared from my helmer, so please note that especially on discontinued/older polishes.
  • Polishes that come in boxes: I have tried to keep them as intact as possible, however some have been a little squished in transit. Those that come with boxes will be shown in the photos below so you can also see their condition.
  • I will ship your polishes out within 5 business days. I anticipate this destash to be quite busy, so please be patient with me. I prefer to do bulk drop offs at the post office.
  • Polishes that are stricken through are sold. I will do my best to keep this post updated as soon as invoices are paid.
  • I will update this bullet list (right here) with shipping batches and any relevant updates.
  • Update 12/30: As of tonight *looks at time* 9pm central, this post is currently up to date with what’s available. You guys ROCK!! I will begin shipping asap and will continue to update here as I send out batches of packages. ❤
  • Update 12/31: As of tonight, this post is current with what’s available. Hubs and I are starting the first round of shipping labels tomorrow morning.
  • Update 1/4: As of tonight, unpaid invoices have been cancelled, and polishes have been marked as available for those that were cancelled. Also, the first BIG round of shipping has occurred and tracking has been added to ~60% of orders. I estimate ALL shipping to be completed tomorrow for those last few stragglers we didn’t get to tonight ❤
  • Update 1/5: More tracking numbers have been added to orders but we ran out of bubble wrap!! It’s almost 9pm here so I’ll grab some on my way home tomorrow and we will be fully finished tomorrow. Thank you all so, so much for your patience! (fun fact: we have cleaned, shaken, and packaged over 700 bottles for mystery boxes!! If you’re curious why its taken us a few days longer to get everyone’s orders out the door, that’s why haha SO MUCH bubble wrap woo!).
  • Update 1/6: More tracking numbers have been added! I apologize for needing one more day to wrap up the last few orders. Thank you all so much for being patient. We have the last few ready for shaking, cleaning, wrapping and lined up for tomorrow. I promise the next update will be that we are complete and everyone should have tracking numbers 😀
  • Update 1/17: I’ve updated the post with the last few orders from this week. I’ve had a few emails interested in purchasing the remaining polishes. Those who have already emailed me will be receiving an email this week with what/how we decide to do that to keep it fair for all that inquired. Thank you all so much for helping me clear all of this out. I’m so, so grateful ❤
  • Update 1/25: Alright, this is it. Everything remaining on this post is 50% off so $4 a bottle. I’m deactivating this blog as of February 1st so if you’re wanting anything grab it now as anything leftover we will be donated to a local charity. Thank you all so much!
    • I’ve updated once again with what is remaining. I’ll be gathering some more bubble wrap and getting these out asap. ❤



Mystery Boxes: you are guaranteed at least the minimum amount of polishes listed below, in respect to box size. I will be shipping these priority and brands/finishes are chosen at random. I want these gone so please note, if I can and demand allows me- I will STUFF them (especially the medium priority boxes since there’s a lot of room there). Yes, I did take down previous destashes and those will also be included in this mix to keep myself sane. Trust me… there’s A LOT of polish here and I need it easy for us to keep track of. These are great for beginner collectors too!

  • Small Priority Box: 6 polishes at $25 shipped
  • Medium Priority Box: 20 polishes at $50 shipped (these are much larger boxes so trust that if I can stuff more and keep it fair for those wanting the big boxes, I will do my best to make sure everyone gets extras).

1422 Designs

  • Top Row: We All Want to Change The World, Beachside Bar, A Man With a Degree of Suspicion, Blueberry Milkshake.
  • Bottom Row: Roll Up for The Mystery Tour, Life in Rosy Hues, What Lurks Below, It Was a Graveyard Smash

Alchemy Lacquer

  • Top Row: Tempest, The Grey Wizard, Death by Cooking, Bad Candy
  • Bottom Row: The Dragon Witch, Survive!, Archer Needs Food Badly, Ancient Guardian, Snowman of the Mountain

Aurora and Bees Knees

  • Top Row:
    • Aurora: Inflatable Spookies, I See Fire, His Name is Grogu, Don’t Make a Girl a Promise You Can’t Keep, Tauntaun Insulation.
  • Bottom Row:
    • Bees Knees: Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal, I’m Making Waffles, Kick Names Take Ass, You’re Not My Mother.

Baroness X

  • Top Row: Melon Crush, Cloudberry, Sandworms, A Blood Jolly Swim
  • Bottom Row: Lost Souls, Ghost w/ the Most, Unlabeled, Stolen Innocence

Baroness X

  • Top Row: Sakura Yosei, Ultraviolet, Empedocles on Etna, Amulet, Long Live the Fae, Strawberry Bubble
  • Bottom Row: Huckleberry Ice, Vino al Atardecer, Myst, It’s Showtime!, Little Accident, Trance, Spice

Beyond the Nail, Dam Nail Polish, Whatcha

  • Top Row:
    • Whatcha: Fairies Lake, Coffee Express
    • Dam Nail Polish: Nebula, Quasar, Blitzar
  • Bottom Row:
    • Beyond the Nail: Lunenburg, Paparazzi Flash

By Dany Vianna:

  • Top Row: The Phantom of the Opera, Faerylit, Once Upon a December, Starry Sky, The Romanov Curse, UNLABELED
  • Bottom Row: UNLABELED, The Great Rasputin, Together in Paris, Born this Way, UNLABELED, When I Dream

By Dany Vianna:

  • Top Row: Hey There Pumpkin, We See You, Flying Puck, Secret Searcher, Gris, Boo
  • Bottom Row: Little Anya, Bed All Day, It Going To Be Dangerous, Special Treat, Frankin’ It Up, A Thousand Wishes

Cameo Colours and Poetry Cowgirl:

  • Top Row:
    • Cameo Colours: Emily’s Next Move, Sun Warmed Nook, Only Bad Witches Are Ugly, Firelit Nights, Pyramid of Silence, Spooky Silhouettes, Preying on Phantoms
  • Bottom Row:
    • Poetry Cowgirl: For Horrible People, Heatwave, We’re All Dead Things, Not Just Women, There’s Light After This, 1910, Live for the Trees, Plaid Season, Brain Candy

Crystal Knockout:

  • Top Row: Glass & Glimmer, A Witch’s Work, Offerings of Earth, Define Like
  • Bottom Row: Vital Spark, Souls of Wind & Thunder, Giggle, Hand Over the Treats!

Cupcake Polish:

  • Top Row: Dream Phone, Jolene, Be Prepared, Zoinks!, What’s Up Doc?, Yabba Dabba Do, Cowabunga!, Good Grief
  • Bottom Row: VNL Blur #3, Hydro-Pump, No Place Like Home, Fabio Flush, Sweet Slumber, Ogres Are Like Onions, 9 to 5, Fangs for the Memories, D’oh!


  • Top Row: Dragon Glass, No One Fights Alone, Home is Where the Haunt Is, Magic in the Air, Complicated
  • Bottom Row: Cardigan, Spell-binding, Just a Phase, Garden Partea, Dash Landing

By Dany Vianna x Patty Lopes collab:

  • Top Row: Helpless, I Am We Are, Look Around, TJ Is Coming Home, Here Comes the General
  • Bottom Row: History Has It’s Eyes on You, My Shot, You’ll Be Back, Unlabeled

Different Dimension:

  • Top Row: Way to Glow, We’re Gonna Survive This Right?, Daydreamin’, Be Kind
  • Bottom Row: Just Breathe, Good Vibes, Look at Me, On Cloud 9, All is Well

DRK Nails And Sweet & Sour Lacquer:

  • Top Row:
  • DRK Nails: I’d Die for Klaus, Light Tricks, I Want That Tesseract, I’m Not a Ghost
  • Bottom Row:
  • Sweet & Sour Lacquer: Love That Chicken (Sandwich), Spook Squad, Spook Squad, Mosaic, Back to Nature, Sparkling Waters

EDK, Nail It!, and Garden Path Lacquers:

  • Top Row:
    • Nailed It!: Cosmic Kitty, Do You Like Scary Movies?, Buttons for Eyes, Magical Menagerie
  • Bottom Row:
    • EDK: Baby, Coffee Jelly
    • Garden Path Lacquers: Eight Arms, I Will Create the Perfect System, Demon to Some

Emily de Molly:

  • Top Row: Wasteland, Cast Astray, Fire & Ice, LE 267, Turning Tides, It Must Have Been, Give Me a Remedy
  • Bottom Row: Let’s Keep It a Secret, Alternate Dimension, Blessed with a Curse

Fair Maiden & Bluebird Lacquer:

  • Top Row:
    • Fair Maiden: Sugar High, Mother May I?, Underneath It All, Violet Storm, Snuggles, Creepin’ It Real
  • Bottom Row:
    • Bluebird Lacquer: Pumpkin Smash, Itchy Costume Rash, Monster Mash

Femme Fatale:

  • Top Row: Stay Out of the Basement, Treat Yo Elf, Theoretical Fightonomics, Tea Party, Path by the Water
  • Bottom Row: Not Seeing is Believing, Phantasmagoric Wasteland, Haunted Mask, Prince from Another Star, Symphony in Rose

Femme Fatale:

  • Top Row: Camp Cold Lake, Headless Ghost, Twilight Prevails, Sleigh It Isn’t So, Dachshund Through the Snow
  • Bottom Row: Let it Rein, Giverny Garden, My Birthday Wish is Vengeance, Dragon’s Breath, An Ideal Mud Puddle, Wild Mustard

Femme Fatale:

  • Top Row: Jelly Jubes, Sticky Fingers, Butterfingers, Fairy Floss Twirl, Melon Cakes

Femme Fatale:

  • Top Row: Snow Cheeky, Desert Jasper, Free Magic and a Keychain, Science Dance
  • Bottom Row: UNABELED PPU 5, UNLABELED PPU 6 (no boxes on these two)

Femme Fatale:

  • Top Row: beep boop, frosty dander, goblin night, you’re not even alive, Christmas quacker
  • Bottom Row: allium, happy howlidays, dance party, spice market, stretchy powers

Girly Bits:

  • Top Row: No name 1 (part of the Nashville set), no name label 2 (part of the Nashville set), no name label 3 (part of the Nashville set)
  • Bottom Row: This Girl is on Pfizer, no name label 4 (part of the Nashville set), no name label 5 (part of the Nashville set), flower pot rocks, tale as old as time

Glam Polish:

  • Top Row: Courage is Found in Unlikely Places, There’s Some Good In the World Mr. Frodo, You shall not pass, Not all those who wander are lost, my precious, A wizard is never late, helstrom
  • Bottom Row: The Mind Flayer, Every Town has an elm street, Go where you must go and hope, Please dont feed the vampire, Annabelle, It’s Only a Movie, One kind to rule them all, Queen of the damned

Glam Polish:

  • Top Row: Bride of the living dummy, Bite me, Supernatural, Bates motel, Monsters don’t get to live happily ever after, I am calm, What’s eating dexter morgan?
  • Bottom Row: Amuck amuck amuck, The Last Jedi, Leia, Rogue Squdron, Daughters of Triton, I Put a Spell on you and now you’re mine, All the weirdos are out, You fool no man can kill me

Glam Polish:

  • Top Row: The Sea Witch, Goodbye cruel world, The Force Awakens, Dont be such a guppy, Tonights the night, F*ck you very much
  • Bottom Row: Galactic Republic, Gadgets and gizmos aplenty, galaxy’s edge, born in blood, solo, death star, obi-wan

Glam Polish:

  • Top Row: Witches of Eastwick, The Lords of Salem, I’m Not a Very Neat Monster, I Smell Children, Skywalker, Life Under the Sea is Better, The Girl Who has everything?
  • Bottom Row: Say cheese and die again, The return of the living dead, blood and black lace, One does not simply walk into Mordor, Fear Street, Evil dead, The upside down, Children of the corn

Glisten & Glow:

  • Top Row: All the jingle ladies, ahead of the carve, witch way to the candy, scare way to heaven, on thin ice, mummy of the year, sleigh my name
  • Bottom Row: let’s take an elfie, nights at red rocks, truly outrageous 2.0, it’s simple claus & effect, bipola & depression, POTM May 2021, Suicide Awareness, Rainbow Bridge, Break the Stigma

Glisten & Glow:

  • Top Row: POTM July 2021, For the love of gourd, Starry Skies, Fall aboard, Pool hair don’t care, deserted beaches
  • Bottom Row: Nama’stay at the beach, pumpkin spice and everything nice, PTSD and anxiety awareness, POTM June 2021, Good times and tan lines, revive your monster, leaf me alone, cats and bats

Hearts & Promises:

  • Top Row: Early detection is key, god bless america, circle of life
  • Bottom Row: Spread the word, faith over fear, vampire blood

Hearts & Promises:

  • Top Row: Pumpkin patch, cinnamon hot chocolate, always give thanks, you sunk my battleship, oh Christmas tree, one more day
  • Bottom Row: Frankie, land that I love, September to remember, check your neck, hello dolly, passion vitality enthusiasm and security, my home sweet home

Indie by Patty Lopes:

  • Top Row: Senna, Sugar little dream, simple beauty
  • Bottom Row: Arkham, Gaia, Curious souls, Pink Beach

Lemming Lacquer:

  • Top Row: The endless, the darkness, sweater weather, the cosmic, the void, the uninvited, halloqueen
  • Bottom Row: The perverse, Ms. Pacman if you’re nasty, blow me away, the returned, the weird, the worst witch


  • Top Row:
    • Nail Artisan Cosmetics: Order no 66, Kelpie in the water, let the past die
    • Black Dahlia Lacquer: unlabeled (from BCA box), Scarlet witch
  • Bottom Row:
    • By Vanessa Molina: Trixie, Sprinkled guilty, Madeline
    • Polish Molish: I’m Wine Today, Motherlode


  • Top Row:
    • Music City Beauty: Never give up
    • Zombie Claw: Hakuna MaTaTa
    • Pepper Pot: Simply the breast
    • Red Eyed Lacquer: I pink you’re a warrior
  • Bottom Row:
    • 77 Nail Lacquer: A cure worth fighting for
    • Leesha’s Lacquer: Mujerfuerte
    • Lyn B Designs: Tough Titties
    • Sassy Pants Polish: Pink Ribbon
    • Tips: Trolls

MJ Lacquer:

  • Top Row: summer blessings, holo nail therapy, jackpot, backgammon queen, chill-axing by the pool, pink a boo
  • Bottom Row: nothing but blue skies, oh goody, blooming flowers, lmn, let it snow

MLF Lacquer & Paradox Polish:

  • Top Row:
    • Paradox Polish: I love boobies, matcha tea and sakura sweets, witch’s veil
  • Bottom Row:
    • MLF Lacquer: ttv, butterfly garden, rainbow sunset, papillio glaucus

Nail Artisan Cosmetics and Scofflaw:

  • Top Row:
    • Nail Artisan Cosmetics: just roll with it, time to get cozy, dracarys, dead dead deadski, rainbows to riches
  • Bottom Row:
    • Scofflaw: my pleasures plead the fifth, ghoul soup, son of a witch, dogs playing poker, attack of the dustbunnies, selfawerewolf

Night Owl Lacquer:

  • Top Row: scales of a serpent, balderdash, wasp sting, the sun will rise
  • Bottom Row: snapdragon, dance off bro, be careful what you wish for, iris, joy, marigold

Night Owl Lacquer:

  • Top Row: just one more day, daisy, mistletoe kisses, temple of the witch, shout, psych
  • Bottom Row: release date, peace, wordy birdy, wrapped up, architect wannabe, but you are beautiful, high score


  • Top Row: here for a gourd time, fangs for the memories, talking sword, of the unicorn, glampires, nova, hearth throb
  • Bottom Row: the starless saint, brewster’s cafe, chutes and ladders, pumpkin spice lawsuit, bone to be wild, halloqueen, hello kitty, witch don’t kill my vibe

Painted Polish:

  • Top Row: sail la vie, let freedom bling, petal to the metal, captain tight pants, catch you crater, sun soaked
  • Bottom Row: here’s to 8 years, dont cross the streams, pardon my french roast 2.0, solar studies, coral crush, playin koi, oh kale yeah

Painted Polish:

  • Top Row: starry salute, slime time, chai on life, roasted and toasted, miss independence, let’s get buzzed, shake your buoy, espresso yourself
  • Bottom Row: fire-working it, stay salty, hail to the queen, off the hook, Vladislav the poker (this is a blogger label and it was renamed for PPU), makin waves, sexy and I grow it, stamped in chai (some ugly bottle syndrome), stamped in kelp (some ugly bottle syndrome)

Pampered Polishes:

  • VERY Top: Oct ppu blogger label
  • Top Row: the belchers, the worst takes all, big fsch, coopy-saur, scare-a-dactyl, dude-erus
  • Bottom Row: goblet of fire, the fun wheel, rawr rawr rawr, no label, dino-mite, colors of the wind, happy anniversaury

Penelope Luz:

  • Top Row: Hula hula, holy grail, born to war, wizard kitten, tyrande, ballet, belly dance
  • Bottom Row: salsa, hot wine, well well, lancelot, soap bubble, sin cake, queen of the sea

Potion Polish:

  • Top Row: hello fall, sassenach, everything pumpkin, fallen leaves, english lass
  • Bottom Row: cranberry fizzy, flannel jammies, smoky maple chai, hearthside, forest trail

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited:

  • Top Row: cosmic glow, electric glow, lighter than air, glow light, from the ashes, its too pretty to eat
  • Bottom Row: funfetti rainbow, picking up the spare, simlish, strike, gutter ball, foolish mortals

Psyche Minerals:

  • Top Row: from alice with love (this was a blogger bottle that was pulled, I think for staining?), halloween twilight, sailing at dawn, can you hear me?
  • Bottom Row: mallow flower, returning to everdoor, phoenix or griffin, matron

Rogue Lacquer:

  • Top Row: hoodies and hayrides, here for the boos, maze craze, tricks and spoopy treats, kiss the girl, pansy for your thoughts, once upon a time
  • Bottom Row: fright night, hella good costumes, cluedo, this is hellaween, poor unfortunate souls, les poissons, rainbow road, trident

Rogue Lacquer:

  • Top Row: Nashville hot, unbreakable, palette problem, the planet needs you, 1000 fringed daisies, kaleidoscope
  • Bottom Row: just here to bang, missing label, pickled, it’s a dinglehopper, kicking it with a cold one, Fall AF, s’more spooky stories

Supernatural Lacquer:

  • Top Row: dracula, the odds are good
  • Bottom Row: unlabeled, nothing goes over my head, water


  • Top Row: sasquatch snuggles, snowballs chance, sedona star gazing
  • Bottom Row: krampusnaught, haunting. campsite twilight, leaf litter

What’s Up Nails & Sassy Sauce Polish:

  • Top Row:
    • What’s Up Nails: sun, joshua tree, downpour, tempest, succulent, desert rose
  • Bottom Row:
    • Sassy Sauce: whole lava love, toes in the water, witch with a b upgrade, sea alice, masks manditory bras optional, dip your tips, itty bitty tiddledy committee, reptile dysfunction

That’s it! Please email me at thepolishedmage(at)hotmail.com with your choices. Thank you so much!